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Posted by ccpadfield on October 30, 2016

I stopped by the Centennial Mall on Tuesday to see Fusion’s #AsAmericanAs exhibit. It was really neat to see such a diverse group of people who were photographed for the project. I saw a photo of an old woman smoking a joint, a person stretching the gender binary, and more.

When we think about America we often think of a melting pot. The melting pot is often associated with race and culture. We don’t often think about the differing lifestyles. (Not to be confused with viewpoints.) For example, not everyone goes to public school, college, begins a career and retires. Not every American likes football and apple pie.

It was neat to compare myself to the different photos of Americans, because even though we may have looked different, had different lifestyles, had different beliefs, we may have had a few similar life experiences. First and foremost, we were Americans. Not only that, though, we’d probably all been affected by the different things that have affected this nation to varying degrees.

I think that Fusion’s #AsAmericanAs exhibit highlighted the importance of America’s diversity as well as how diversity can sometimes bring us together. People who are into different things can find friendship and solidarity in each other. It’s great that America is so diverse because it can provide a safe space for people of all different walks of life to find peace in one another. At the end of the day, we’re Americans, whether we like football or not. Not everyone has to be #AsAmericanAs apple pie to fit in.


2 Responses to “#AsAmericanAs”

  1. lucdigi said

    I passed by the exhibit and it looked incredible. Wish I had had more time to interact, i was in a hurry to get to class. I think diversity is one of my favorite parts about this country. Shame that we are treating people that are different from us with little to no respect, though…

  2. dbolster08 said

    Honestly I usually think of culture or race when I think of America being a melting pot. It had never occurred to me that even those two things are broken down even further and that there are so many distinct types of people I this country. It’s a very good point.

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