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“That’s What They Call a ‘Big Cut’ in the Film Industry.” -Sam Ford

Posted by wrmattison on October 27, 2016


4 Responses to ““That’s What They Call a ‘Big Cut’ in the Film Industry.” -Sam Ford”

  1. yanniej said

    That was the most serious but funniest thing I have seen in a while! Second I must say your editing skills are amazing, like as soon as I heard the music and the sound effects I was like this video is about to get serious? But however you got straight to the point of what is expected from our next president!

  2. radionightowl said

    I got super freaked out thinking that my Dear Next President video would have to be professionally edited and whatnot, but when the punchline came I was relieved. A simple statement, but so true. Although, I would have added “Don’t let Congress fuck you up” because that also seems to be a motif in politics these days.

  3. jessiemc11 said

    This video was funny i was expecting something completely different but it does go along perfect with this election haha.

  4. I have to agree entirely with everything you said, but the eagle at the end was unacceptable. The presence of the eagle is something that usually makes me teary-eyed thinking of how beautiful America is, but this time it just made me vomit just a little bit. Not sure why. But I blame you.

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