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Posted by marybethchilders on October 27, 2016

it is absolutely flustering to see how much technology has grown and changed in my short 19 years. I remember when my dad got his first cell phone. It was a silver LG flip phone that had the number 0-9 and a call and end button and I was amazed. And then my brother got the RAZR when he was a freshman and that one had a camera and I was like, what is this stuff????? My first phone had a full keyboard and i thought it couldn’t get any better. And then I got the i phone and holy shit, i was in heaven. Everything I ever needed was suddenly in the palm of my hand and it was honestly overwhelming. If i needed to look something up? I phone. Need to text someone? I phone. Need a calculator? mf’n iphone.

As easy and handy as it is, its honestly scary. People are so dependable on technology, society could honestly not survive without it. People use their cell phones for everything and take them everywhere. My parents reminisce on the days when technology was almost obsolete and times were simplier and people seemed happier. We just depend on it so much that we can’t be happy without it, and thats a shame.


5 Responses to “Technology”

  1. alexiskurtz1 said

    I think technology is very useful in some ways like for engineering and medical advancements. But I do agree it has made us everyday normal people very dependent. It honestly takes me a second to read a clock with hands because I have gotten so used to digital clocks.

  2. wilscott1 said

    I thought it was funny that the above comment mentioned having difficulty reading an actual clock, because I do as well. I have a friend from high school that wears a watch solely for fashion purposes. If someone asks him for the time, he pull his phone out. Another girl I graduated with literally does not know how to read an analog clock. It’s amazing how stupid technology has made us, especially when its intention is the opposite. Not all technology is bad, I mean I wouldn’t be writing this blog post without it, but I think our society needs to take a moment to think about what our priorities should really be. Based on your blog post, I’m sure you feel similarly.

  3. katherineschaaf said

    I agree. At Chick-fil-A they literally have a friend/family challenge to put all your phones in this container until their meal is over (that’s only like 15min — but I am also a really fast eater). It crazy the motion to make technology bigger and better, while there are people at the same time trying to downsize it and promote less use of it. Our world is so weird sometimes.

  4. ccpadfield said

    I remember the RAZR! I wanted one so bad! I do agree that many people are incredibly reliant on their cell phones. Most of the time I don’t feel dependent on my phone unless I’m in an awkward social situation. This Saturday my boyfriend and I went to Mammoth Cave and I accidentally left my phone at my apartment but was so glad I did! It was so nice to experience nature without being interrupted by my phone.

  5. I disagree. I’m only happy without technology. The only people that enjoy technology are people that are bad and not good.

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