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Technology Take over

Posted by Danielle Mullins on October 27, 2016

I have recently begun to fear my career path as a journalist…. everything i taking to the internet and I am specializing in TV. Will there be a future for me in 20 years? Will my job be facebook lives and tweets? Making my college years useless? Should I study harder to make sure I have a job? Should I party more because I won’t? Like where the hell is my career path going? I love the editing work… I love the whole idea of packaging.

With this in mind… I read about comics becoming digicomics. And I read about authors.

Digicomics gave me no hope. Comic books have moved to the internet and become very popular. Whose to say where they will go in the next 15 years… but I see the end of printed comics. Printed comics will become “vintage.” And worth a poop ton of money… Oh wait a minute…..

The essay about the Author’s left me with no extra hope either. It mentioned web authors as well. I was thinking book authors…

Anyway, both articles are interesting. I love to see how things evolve. And the essay about the authors helped me realize that there is so many different types of authors. It doesn’t have to be a book author. Maybe I just stereotyped the word “author…”

Actually… maybe that means there is hope for me. Just because some reporters do facebook lives and some do tweets.. doesn’t mean there still won’t be TV. Now that I think about it… I think a majority of our population likes to blow money on obsessive items. So as long as the TV continues to be innovated I have a job!

Interesting how two readings can send me off in a different direction, huh?



3 Responses to “Technology Take over”

  1. toppermike said

    If it makes you feel any better, I aspire to be a published author. Misery loves company, right? Anyway, the important thing, the “keeps-you-sane” thing, to keep in mind, is that the skills you learn now may be applicable to your future career path.

    Anyway, I’m a creative writing major and a journalism minor, so my vows of poverty are taken. Hope things go well for you!

  2. alexiskurtz1 said

    I feel like no matter what writers will always be needed. It’s just the type of writing is what varies. So by the time it gets to that point maybe no interesting writing jobs will be available anymore but there’s still opportunities out there. Which I know doing a job you don’t like won’t be fun but sometimes that’s life.

  3. daniellemullins483 said

    Well, yes… if you want to get technical It takes some form of a writer to even make a tweet if you think about it. So we will always need writers. but that does not mean that books won’t disappear.

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