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Posted by drewowen44 on October 27, 2016

Technology, what a broad category but a couple specific things came to mind. First, is the changing of phones that i have saw only being nineteen is mind blowing for me. remembering when i was a child and how my  parents had the flip phones and hardly  even communicated with each other throughout the day. Now you see most people with smartphones and talking or texting someone 24/7. Even the improvement of the smartphone in a short amount of time is impressive to me. I remember when the first iphone came out and all the hype that was to be had and now the iphone 7 is out and the technology it has compared to the first one is crazy. I cant really  imagine what things will be like in a few years.

Video games also stands out to me by how much they have changed. Starting with the Nintendo 64 and how big those games were you had to put in the Nintendo. Now the Xbox you dont even have to go but the hard copy of the game you can just download right onto the gaming consul, which to be honest i just learned you can do that not to long ago.


5 Responses to “Technology”

  1. loganhamilton said

    I have gone through about ten different phones when i was a kid and they first cam out. One in the pool one in the toilet one through the wall which was interesting to see and more. I agree when you say it s hard to communicate when the distraction of these video games are occupying our time.

  2. katherineschaaf said

    You know my anatomy teacher brought up something very interesting the other day that had to do with phones/technology. Yah while we may be seeing more and more developments with technology, it also causes problems with our physical health. More and more people are developing kyphosis (“widow’s hump”) even at a younger age because we are constantly looking down at our technology and not holding good posture. What else does technology have in store for us?

  3. caitgate said

    I remember in elementary school, I was always begging my parents to get me the firefly phone! If you had one of those, you were hot stuff! I remember Gushers always had giveaways for them and I ate tons of Gushers trying to get it. Now, 11 year olds have smart phones! It is ridiculous. Now brings the question of, “What is an acceptable age to give your child a smart phone?”

  4. ccpadfield said

    I remember when I was younger Bluetooth was the big thing with cell phones. People weren’t able to scroll through Facebook but they could talk to anyone anywhere without raising their phones to their ears. Now it’s not so much about talking and listening as it is seeing.

  5. marybethchilders said

    I saw about every generation of phone run through my house just with my brothers and I being kinda spread out in age and it was just ridiculous to see their first phones they got when they were freshman in high school and the one that i got. My was so much more than my brothers that is 5 years older than me, and It just interesting to see how much things change in such a short span of time

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