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Information at Our Fingertips

Posted by prestonperkins91 on October 27, 2016

I vaguely remember in elementary school, how my math teachers would criticize “you won’t always have a calculator on you” boy did technology prove them wrong. We students barely used the internet from elementary to middle school. Once I got into high school, that’s when teachers started to get iffy on us with Wikipedia and other wrong sources, the thing was, no teacher proved to any of us students how wrong wiki was, no one still has shown me how false it is compared to real sources. Citing those sources was pretty dreadful, having to know every single detail of it, without using a site like Easybib.com. I wish back in those days the teachers would have at least nudged a little and accepted that there were some legit sources on the Wikipedia subjects.

In most of my General Ed. classes that require a text book, it still grinds my gears when I’m having trouble with a question or the online homework my professor will tell me “just look in chapter x”,  after reading that particular chapter or page for like the 10th time, I finally find my answer… And most of the time on those questions, looking up the answer helped me way more than the text book did, heck, even if the text book was online I could type Ctrl+F to find any word I was looking for. One thing I’m grateful for technology and its information becoming accepted as a source is, the information is there at my fingertips! I can explore more information faster than anyone could 100 years ago, now if only I can write faster and make less spelling errors.


7 Responses to “Information at Our Fingertips”

  1. jessiemc11 said

    Teachers always seem to say things but never really inform on them.. The first thing you said was so true though I have ALWAYS heard my math teachers say that and I ALWAYS have a calculator on me because of my phone ha. WIkipedia is something people find easy to use although using sources that are wrong can be detrimental to the things you are working on or even your knowledge of information.

  2. alexiskurtz1 said

    I agree with this. My chemistry teacher is teaching us how to convert different types of measurement and says if you are a nursing major (which I am) that I will need to know this. The thing is I don’t actually because hospitals and doctors offices have computers that do the conversions for us.

    • prestonperkins91 said

      That’s the great thing about modern tech and how it’s growing lol, thanks to the math in the past we have computers to help so we can focus on the main detail. Once I get my science hours out of the way I pray not to do intense math for the rest of my life!

  3. caitgate said

    I don’t think teachers expected technology to just jump start so fast like it did. Who knew that most everyone would have smart phones with different apps like calculators always on their person. It is so nice and convenient to just look up an answer instead of reading the textbook over and over again because you read over it the first time. My favorite is when you find all the answers to the worksheet by googling one thing. However, with all this greatness comes the question, “Do we rely too much on technology and does it hinder our skills to do things on our own?”

    • prestonperkins91 said

      To me, I think technology has gone too far when it’s taking over our social lives, almost making people antisocial when it comes to person. I try not to let the social media side take me over & rely on the google stuff when I’m in desperate need of an answer. I just hope majority of people in the future don’t let the social media side of netlife take over their literal lives

  4. ccpadfield said

    Absolutely! I remember before I got my first smartphone I would have the most random thought or question and wished I could look it up in that moment. It’s such a helpful tool for these moments!

  5. marybethchilders said

    Not only is command + F ridiculously awesome, but quizlet too. I found every answer to one of my exams on quizlet. And at first i was like “Hell yes” and made an A, but I couldn’t tell you one thing i learned from the exam 1 second after dropping my pencil and walking out of that classroom. That is when i begin to regret how great technology is because it just makes everything too easy.

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