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#AsAmerica #Technology

Posted by yanniej on October 27, 2016

So I am going to kill two birds with one stone by combining my thoughts about the As America event as well as some of my thoughts from tonight blog assignment. Amazing, I talked to some of the staff who helped run and organize the event today on campus and they seemed to be really excited about what was to come from visiting different campuses. The atmosphere was just amazing the pictures, the music, the free shirts and water bottles, the staff and the music just kind of came together to make some form of peace to me. I am an observer, so I walked to EVERY image just to take time to form a connection with every one of them because I know there is a story behind them all and a lot can be conveyed though a photo. They photos were not all “picture perfect photos” which is why I believe I enjoyed it so much because I could actually relate to them. Overall, I enjoyed the event and I heard nothing but positive remarks about it all day as well as on Instagram!

Yes technology,technology, technology…. it is out of control but it only going to get worse. I read other classmates taking about what teachers would use to say or do in high school like not letting students use calculators but teacher electronics make the world go around. If it wasn’t for Google, Yahoo and the internet as a whole I probably wouldn’t even be in school. I believe we as individuals rely on technology so much that it is scary, and if we sat back and thought about how much we actually know without it… it would be hard to fathom.


2 Responses to “#AsAmerica #Technology”

  1. katherineschaaf said

    Isn’t it interesting how we always talk about how we rely on some sort of technology. Crazy, because we are using technology right now for homework, for entertainment, for research, for careers, etc. Let’s face it, it can be a personal goal to not use technology so much, but in the long run oh man oh man it is only going to get bigger and we will have to use it to survive in multiple aspects of our lives.

    • yanniej said

      This is truly only the beginning, if I count how many times we used technology a day it would be crazy! I don’t even think it is possible to function without it our cars is “technology” simply street lights all the little things that we forget about functions as a form to make our lives easier. Everything functions by technology and it crazy how lazy we are even with it…

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