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As Sharpay from HSM said “It’s out with the old and in with the new”

Posted by alexiskurtz1 on October 26, 2016

As we all know, media is constantly developing and becoming bigger and better. At least we hope it’s becoming better but that can come down to personal opinion. I remember when twitter first came out my parents wouldn’t let me get one. I’m pretty sure I went behind their back and made an account anyway. My parents were still in the Facebook stage while the younger people tried to get onto new social media that adults no longer used so they could post whatever they wanted without their parents seeing.

The media is always trying to reach out to a vast amount of people. I doubt when twitter was invented they made it initially for young adults and teenagers. I feel like nothing ever works out as planned. But younger generations actually help media more chandler ones. Young people are constantly on their phones or computers while often adults art as much. I remember plenty of times growing up my parents would tell me to get off my phone. hey were very annoyed and believe I couldn’t have a real conversation with someone. Parents just don’t understand I always thought.

Now being older I understand their point of view and how much technology has changed. My parents would constantly use the annoying phrase “when I was a kid I didn’t have ______”. Now I find myself saying the same thing about kids today. I played outside a ton and now all kids do is play video games or on the iPad or any other electronic. Media is great when used correctly and the new media is pretty awesome but the old media has its pros as well.


2 Responses to “As Sharpay from HSM said “It’s out with the old and in with the new””

  1. toppermike said

    I think there’s too much electronic dependence in children these days (I say as I type on my laptop and listen to music on my phone). I feel like parents should restrict their usage to child-friendly cites (because there’s a lot of horrible people online), only let them play video games when they’re mature enough to understand the differences between fiction and reality, encourage and, in fact, enforce reading habits, and for God’s sake mow the damn lawn and tell them to climb a tree or two so they have ideas about responsibility and also about respect for nature. This isn’t saying technology is evil, just that I think today’s kids are too plugged in.

  2. tarynmitchell95 said

    I can relate to this because when I was in middle school, the in thing was myspace! My parents would not let me get one because they did not feel that it was safe. Internet is always looking for ways to get mass audiences to follow them. When twitter first came out almost everyone had one. It was a way for people to interact and share ideas, which is still used today. Media is always thinking of new ideas to get audiences to follow their trends.

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