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Spreadable Media or Spreadability?

Posted by tarynmitchell95 on September 3, 2016

In the book it discussed how well social media equips itself with spreading media over numerous types of outlets. Being a person who uses so much social media I am very aware that it is an outlet especially for my generation on how to receive and spread news. I can honestly say that I do receive a big chunk of news or any sort of entertainment from internet resources. Most of these resources I can even find on my iPhone. I am a person who always knows what goes on because it does in a sense tie into my major. I am studying broadcasting and being any sort of anchor, it is vital to know what goes on in the world. Each and every day something can occur. That is why I stay on top of things because it is always important to know what is going on in the world around us.

The book gave me a bigger glimpse on how media spreads in todays world. It also made me rethink that is all of the information I receive accurate? Do media companies know how to target my generation when it comes to wanting to hear the latest news? I feel that spreadibilitty is a way for people to receive any type of news they choose to hear. We can choose what media outlets attract our opinions. Certain sites are out there that appeal to our likings.

Stickiness is something else that really stuck out to me. Most people who work for media companies know what information to tell that will attract an audience. They make news irrasistable and provide material people want to actually spread. I feel that twitter is a prime example od this. Twitter is the gateway for indiviauls to retweet their opinions as well as tweet their feeling to almost any topic. I feel social networks like these are so successful because it gives the user the freedom of speech they want

I feel that social media is very beneficial but can also not be best. The user almost has to be aware that the information they are spreading may not always be accurate and can maybe even be a trap we fall into that makes media viruses go around.


One Response to “Spreadable Media or Spreadability?”

  1. daniellemullins483 said

    Social media is how I get my news too! My freshman year i tried waking up earlier to watch the news report from the previous night. I am a broadcast student so I need to be up to date with all this, right? Right! Anyway, I quickly began to shut off my alarm to a more normal time because I missed sleep. And the news for the most part was pretty boring so I always just wanted to lay back down. I tried to listen to it while I got ready, but I was always too distracted to fully pay attention. So then I turned to social media. I followed every AP news outlet and then turned on my notifications. Within ten minutes I would have received over 20 notifications and would wake up to like 50 of them. This annoyed me and I eventually shut them all of. But now that snap chat offers news stories, it is so much easier for me to just quickly go there and decide which type of news I am looking for. I love when social media works for the GOOD of humanity instead of the negativity. Without going onto a rant about why I hate social media after just stating why I loved it, I will leave it simple as this… While I love the news, I feel that with EVERYONE constantly sharing their opinion over everything that happens, a lot of individuals base their opinion of that without finding an unbiased news source to give them the facts. And that is what I hate. I feel that a lot of big issues have been given a horrible twist because no one is willing to get the facts to form their own opinion. I love my freedom of speech don’t get me wrong. I just believe others need to use their voice in their OWN way without just merely repeating a previous statement… especially one they know nothing of.

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