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Media Breaking

Posted by prestonperkins91 on September 30, 2016

Media Breaker was a pretty simple process. I assumed it was going to be a little harder to work with before I observed what to do. After I understood the concept of it; Basically cut (or break) parts of the media and add some word commentary. Although I would prefer to have my own voice other than just words on the screen of the edited media, even though Media Breaker wasn’t stopping me from doing that. There were a couple of issues I did have. One was that the material given to us was already comedy mocking politics. I think it would have been easier to mess with or satirize media that was being serious, so that I could make a comedic commentary from that. Another issue was we only had the ‘break’ and ‘trash’ buttons, its an easy editor but I would  have really preferred to have used a ‘redo’ or ‘history’ button. If I’m ever given an assignment like this again I could probably do a lot better job editing. The last minor issue I had (besides the security of the website ) was when I would replay my breaks, the video would stop or change the timing where I broke the clips. If I had to choose which type of media to edit for this, I would have it aimed at serious politics and/or commercials that I’d like to comment on. This assignment did help open my eyes a little bit more when it came to satire and comedy.


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Posted by megnewt61 on September 30, 2016

Welp, this project was literal hell for me. I liked the concept of how to website was supposed to be run, but there were many problems for me. I understand that this is the beta version so there are going to be problems. My first problem is when I tried to open the website. I used Google chrome and when the website came up it said that it couldn’t be opened because of a security code issue and that it was unsafe so I exited out of my browser and tried it 50 more times until I pulled a thug life move and clicked “Use without security privacy.” Once I gave up my identity to whoever wants it, I ran into another problem. I finished my whole project, made it exactly the way I wanted and everything so I saved the draft in case something happens and I wouldn’t have to go back and do it all over. Well I hit the draft button 5 times to make sure it saved and then I submitted it. It had a little pop up that said it submitted and I could see it in my breaks. I exited out of the tab and checked in my breaks to find *DRUM ROLL PLS* NOTHING. So I was like okay it’s just a little problem, I can go back and submit it again. Went to do that and there were only 3 captions that I made and everything else was gone. I went through this same process 2 times before I said screw it. I asked one of my group members if the same happened to her and she said it did so she just recorded a video of her break. I thought that was a good idea so I repeated the process of remaking my break for the 3rd time and recorded the final product. I sent the videos in instead of submitting because I am still having problems with submitting. You just gotta love Betas.

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Why Do We Love the Media?

Posted by radionightowl on September 30, 2016

I’m not familiar with a ton of Carpenter movies (even though I’m from Bowling Green. Sad) but They Live was really out there, at least for me. I figure that we watched it in this class because of its obvious opinion regarding the media and how it influences people’s decisions, thought processes, and routines. The aliens used the media to reign in unsuspecting victims, and sure enough, it was successful. Most of the individuals in the film were so hooked on their television sets that they were angry when the bearded man broke into their signal. Never mind that they were only watching commercials–the disruption to their everyday scheduled programming was jolting enough to make them complain. Even though the movie is set on a science fiction background, the harsh truth grounded in reality is that many of us are slaves to the media and its whims. Not only does it teach us to conform most of the time, but it also sets standards that we as a human race are meant to follow. And why not? If it’s plastered everywhere, then won’t most people begin to believe it? I found a comic a while ago that compliments this movie well, and you can read it too here if you’re interested. It’s not based on aliens, but it shows they way that we are manipulated, influenced, and acted on by the media, even without us recognizing it ourselves. I’ve always thought that too much interconnection is a dangerous thing, and They Live proves, even in 1988, it might have been problematic in Carpenter’s mind, too. Computers and smart phones revolutionized communication, but they also revolutionized the way that companies and ad agencies can target. They target me based on my interests and web searches, and even though I know that I still can’t bear to turn away from my precious phone. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m just another one of the humans sucked in by the media, but then I realize that we all are… in one way or another.

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I couldn’t relate to …They live?

Posted by yanniej on September 30, 2016

Movies are something that I really hate, unless it is a comedy movie that has an exception. Me watching this movie truthfully was pulling my teeth because I am not a movie type of person. The little things that I grabbed from the movie was he was homeless, there were aliens and the main character kept running from people. As I was previewing my other classmates blogs I realized that I couldn’t make a comment because I couldn’t really relate. To a certain extent I tried to provide all my attention because I was aware we were watching it for a reason, but truthfully that reason I do not know.

Film as well as older film is so hard to keep my attention. The effects are terrible and then it makes me more uninterested. So was the movie called they live because the aliens kept coming back to life? I know it sounds bad but I have nothing to offer but my honest opinion which was I didn’t understand or really have an interest in watching movies.

My friends often call me weird because I find movies to be boring but if they are something you never grew up watching you really couldn’t have a connection to. For example, if you didn’t grow up going to the dentist regularly there is a big change when you are forced to go you will dread the experience. So yes it is fine to be called weird, because I have actually meet people who are just like me and simply say no to movie or television. I hope that we do not have a major assignment to do with this movie because A. I am going to HAVE to really watch it, B. someone needs to explain it to  me or C. I really don’t know what to do.

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They Live!

Posted by roseconway98 on September 30, 2016

When I heard we were watching a movie in class I was dreading it…. and when I figured out it was a movie from the 80’s I dreaded it even more. (Sorry I’m just not a movie person and I can hardly ever stay awake.) BUT They Live! was actually pretty sweet. (and I didn’t fall asleep!) If I’m gonna watch a movie it definitely has to be something good and entertaining, which is what They Live! provided. While watching this I didn’t really understand who these skull faced aliens were supposed to be. Then when the movie ended it made a lot more sense to me. They’re the rich and powerful people who are “ruling” the world.

Now as to why we watched They Live! in class, I had no clue. I honestly thought maybe Sam Ford was just giving us something to do. Until this blog post I realize that there was actual meaning. The way that things are publicly posted and how it takes effect to us. The rich people holding all of the power and taking their control over everyones minds. There is always a reason that something is posted the way it is, usually to persuade us. And using the sunglasses and the contacts helped see right through the aliens and see what they were really doing. Also, I took it as that the way comedy is portrayed in the film may be different than how comedy might be portrayed nowadays. All the terrible pickup lines from the 80’s really show how much comedy has evolved over the years. They way people produce things and trow out there isn’t the same as today, in my opinion. I think that now most comedy is very straight forward and blunt, like just throwing it at you, kinda. (Like South Park, Step Brothers, American Dad.) But nonetheless, I actually did enjoy They Live!

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Posted by yanniej on September 30, 2016

So, so many complicated issues that I faced with using this program I must first say! I was not able to upload pictures or videos into my video, and overall I wasn’t able to upload my video at all…

Which resulted to this being my finished project because I honestly put a lot of thought in time into crop the video adding sounds effect etc. just for my masterpiece not to upload or save. While I am not going to bash the name because there could have been numerous of problem to why the videos would not save or upload. Possibly because it was the beta version, my internet, the internet browser but overall this was a big fail for me. Some other issues that occurred where that a random soda commercial would just appear in my video…. did anyone else have this issue? Would I use Media Breaker in my other class if it worked successfully? Yes, it was simply video editing software once you played around and learned how to navigate throughout the website. However you will not see Iyonia Jackson in the Breaker gallery simply because this is the second lengthy one I created and I would rather not put that much effort and time into another one. If you would like to see my comments above on what I did and how I reflected on the video my group decided to use the “The Right to Buy Guns” video. If you simply watched the video it is fairly easy to see what segment within the video I was talking about …

What was your biggest challenge from using Media Breaker as a whole?

a.) everything  b.) editing the video  c.) uploading the video  d.) *create a comment and let’s chat*



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They Live!

Posted by holly1519 on September 30, 2016

I actually really enjoyed they live. 1) I love John Carpenter so i would automatically watch anything he has made. 2) I love anything 80s. Can’t buy me love, The Terminator, The Shining, Beetlejuice, Risky Business, you name it. Recently I’ve binged watched Stranger Things on Netflix because of it being set in the 80s.

They Live was pretty entertaining. Although I’m not for sure what they aliens were exactly, other than rich people being put in our society. To enlarge the gap between rich and poor? I think? Maybe? The whole movie gave me a very 1984 vibe. With the government controlling what people think and what people see. Maybe they took that idea from 1984, considering the movie was made in the late 80s. I feel like the whole movie was a comedy but underneath all of the cheesy lines and outdated special effects, it was meant to get us really thinking about a serious issue. Which is how a lot of comedy shows get a point across.

The ending was probably my favorite part. When that woman shot Frank, totally didn’t see that coming. But did nada die? It just showed him falling down. And what did everyone do once they could see the aliens? How did they deal with it? Did they send them back to their home planet? I have so many questions! I need a sequel!

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Media Breaker

Posted by holly1519 on September 30, 2016

I logged on to media breaker on my MacBook Air and played around with it for about 15 minutes and i could not get anything to work. So my roommate logged on from her windows and hers seemed to be doing more than mine. So I’m not sure if everyone had this problem, but i came to the conclusion that media breaker was not Mac compatible.

After i switched computers i still had to play around with media breaker for another half hour before i figured out what i was doing. I had no idea how to cut clips or edit in comments. I think that there should be a clear tutorial video on the home page. After completing my video, I’m still not 100% sure that i did it right.

I clicked submit at the top of the page and it said something along the lines of “Thanks we are looking forward to review your video” or something like that. So I’m not for sure if it is even viewable anymore or if i submitted it correctly. I took a video of it on my phone just to be sure, to prove that i actually did it. Once i finished i felt it was semi-easy, but knowing what i was doing from the beginning and being able to watch a tutorial would have helped a lot.

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Posted by Ian Baumgardner on September 29, 2016

I have not read the Fifty Shades of Grey book so I am unable to say if it is sexist or not but my older sister has read the book so I asked her for her opinion on it. She doesn’t think the book is sexist. The book doesn’t discriminate against women. Both parties are willing participants. If one would like to leave their role they can. In the book the male is the dominant and the female is the submission but that doesn’t mean they have to be in every relationship that wants to do this. There maybe some couples they want to do it where the female is the dominant and the male is the submissive. It just so happens that the book makes the male the dominant. With feminism being a popular topic right now I could see this book making some reader sit on the fence. It could make them question their ideas and beliefs on what is sexist and where can one draw the line.  But I don’t think that is how the book is supposed to be read. I read some articles to see what other opinions are about the book being sexist; and it goes both ways. Some females that have read it are saying it is and other not. It all boils down to one’s beliefs and where they stand as a person. I don’t think I will read the book; it is not something that I’m interested in.

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They Will Always Live!

Posted by katherineschaaf on September 29, 2016

I’m not going to lie, I was very confused on why we watch They Live! in class.  This drama/thriller was very deceiving in the first twenty minutes.  When Nada was traveling to Los Angeles he looked like a wanderer looking for a shelter, work/money, and food.  The beginning of the movie seriously seemed like it was setting up for a rags to riches story line or some kind of predictable roller coaster.

From the moment he walked into the sketchy church and tried on those funky black sunglasses it was clearly not going the way I had imagined.  At first I thought the glasses determined who the “bad” people were from the “good” people in a moral sense.  However, as the movie progressed this did not seem to fit my initial thought.  It literally took me until the end of the movie to understand that the skull-faced humans were actual aliens on this earth trying to take over the world.  Who would have guessed that from the opening scene?

On the other hand, They Live! really focused on how the social-elite aliens were determined to dominate the human world by using different media methods to subdue the humans.  This correlates with our society today, who are easily persuaded or “mind-controlled” by the things we see every day in ads, buildings, papers, businesses, television shows, social media, etc.  It is hard not to get lured into everything going on around us, and in most ways it does have control over us.  I can never see humanity being freed from the scheming ways of the media or popular culture at least during my lifetime.  No matter how hard we want to fight against them…they will always live!

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