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Welcome to Moe’s

Posted by nattmelch on January 28, 2016

Hey guys! I’m Natalie. I’m currently a sophomore at WKU studying Broadcasting and Pop Culture. I from Louisville and came here because the broadcasting program was great and I didn’t ever picture myself going to any of the colleges there. I’m really into music, so I ultimately want to end up somewhere in radio. I currently am a DJ at the on campus radio station and host Girl Power Hour every Monday from 10-midnight. This opportunity has helped me confirm that I have chosen the right major for myself.

When I say broadcasting, I don’t mean the typical news anchor that you turn on at five o’clock and listen to them ramble on about all the crimes and random news from the community. I’m sure all of my Louisvillian classmates have heard of Ben Davis and Kelly K. They really inspired me to pursue this career because every time I listen to them they sound like they’re having so much fun. And yes, I am one of those people who ultimately hope to love my job. Speaking of jobs, I work at Moe’s :). Y’all should come see me because, ya know, burritos. And we have a WKU student discount.

The reason I took this course is because in our generation time moves quickly. My whole day is measured in minutes. Communication with people has also evolved over time. It is no longer getting home from school and dialing my friend on the revolving wall phone. Instead I check social media and travel the whole world virtually. The world is a smaller place it seems, but not bland. Knowledge and other cultures are just begging to be explored.  In taking this class my love for people’s creativity, adaptability, and lust for exploration will hopeful ignite new questions and endeavors that will fuel my future here at Western.



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Hello Everyone!

Posted by paulaford on January 27, 2016

My Name is Paula Ford and I am a sophomore here at Western. My major is Criminology with a minor in Sexuality studies. I get to take a lot of interesting and boundary pushing classes. I really want to just have a better understanding of the minds of criminals. I want to have some insight into what makes a person rape, murder or harm another human being. I don’t exactly have an exact career field in mind other than i want acquire a job were I am constant intrigued and interested in going to work. There are a multitude of ways that I will be able to use my degree to find different areas of work once i graduate so until then I am just gonna focus on enjoying the classes that i am spending thousands of dollars on now. I decided to take this course because of the interesting nature of topics that are relevant in everyday life. Not to mention the obvious connection between sexuality and pop culture. A little bit more about me: I work at Afni which is a call center for Verizon wireless here in Bowling Green, so when i’m not studying or in class i am at work listening to customers complain about their bills. I am also an avid reader, i always have my nose in my kindle on my phone. I also LOVEEEE to watch tv, mainly criminal shows like Criminal minds and Rizzoli & Isles but i also love shows that have nothing to do with the criminal justice system like Gilmore Girls and Friends.

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Because Pop Culture

Posted by Victoria on January 27, 2016

A little bit about me?  Well, my name is Victoria Kuklish and I am originally from Redding, CA.  Redding is a city in far northern California on I-5 approximately an hour and a half north of Sacramento and two hours south of the Oregon border.  There are two volcanoes in the mountains around Redding, there’s Mt. Shasta to the north and Mt. Lassen to the east.  The one thing I miss the most about Redding are the mountains and the two amazing lakes, Shasta Lake and Whiskeytown Lake.  I spent most of my life out there and moved to Bowling Green back in 2007.

I am taking this class because I see pop culture in my life everyday.  It seems to be more prevalent now than ever due to the internet and social media.  Not only are we able to see how pop culture is shaping our country but we can also see how it is shaping other countries and the world as a whole.  My interest in pop culture really started when I took an Urban Folklore class here at WKU my first semester.  Before that, I never really thought about how or why pop culture has affected the world around us.

Social media is particularly interesting because of its worldwide reach.  People who were previously unreachable (like celebrities, musicians, and politicians both here in the US and abroad) are now interacting with fans on all social media platforms.  This was something completely unthinkable five or ten years ago.  I feel social media is going to play a big factor in this year’s presidential election because the politicians can now interact directly with their constituents and may even be able to sway some to vote for them.  These are interesting times we life in and the internet is only going to make it more interesting.

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Whats Up

Posted by blvcksoulblog on January 27, 2016

My name is Charles Greenlee. I am a Film and Pop culture Studies major. I am also a freshman at Western Kentucky University. I was born and raised in Lexington Ky with my family. I lived with my Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Mother, and brother. I am a very open person. I some ask me something about I don’t hesitate to tell the truth. I am even open minded. I always want to learn different things and expand my horizons. I am also a huge movie buff. I love cult classics and older movies. I watch those kinds of movies on my spare time.

The reason to why I am taking this class is because i love the history behind pop culture. I love how over time people have some many different styles and ways of thinking of whats popular. I am hoping that i get to learn all the history behind pop culture and then eventually learn how to relate to my movies that i will create. I would love to be known for making a new cult classic like clueless or mean girls. That is a huge dream of mine. I will get there one day but before that I have to past this class.

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Hey guys!

Posted by yveltalryder on January 27, 2016

Name’s Jenna AKA YveltalRyder! I am a freshman here at WKU, born in Brandenburg (small town in the middle of nowhere outside of Radcliffe) and I am here for Graphic Design and Animation. I basically want to make all those fancy-looking video games that some of you guys may play. In order explain why I am taking this class, I’ll have to ramble for a bit. My dad works for the Army as a Geospatial Analyst, AKA a map maker. Growing up as a military brat I had to move around a lot. I never really stayed anywhere longer than 3 years at the most. This meant that I got a small dose of different cultures and was always surrounded by different popular cultures. The reason I say different popular cultures is because I spent 3 years in Hawaii and a year in El Paso, TX so some things were different on those places. Moving around a lot also gave me a wider perspective and sort of made me not want to participate in the whole like one thing for 5 minutes and then hate it after. I really hated the fact that if I talked to someone about something and then they reference people and things that I never really paid attention to. The main reason I’m taking this class is to gain a better understanding of American culture, which is way too hard for me to understand on my own, and to also implement some of the popular things into my own work.

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Hey What’s up Hello

Posted by thegirlwithgrit on January 27, 2016

Hey guys,

My name is Destiny Starks, I am a sophomore from a small town in Kentucky (Providence). My major is Broadcasting. My dream job would be  becoming a News Anchor for Good Morning America.  I really enjoy watching the News and informing others which is why I am pursuing a career in broadcasting. In my free time, I like to play soccer and hang out with my friends. I am in a sorority and I live in my sorority house. Since being in college, I have realized that I have changed a lot which is part of the reason why I want to know what is pop culture and what it was years ago. With the way the world  is changing, I would like to get a better understanding of pop culture? I wonder if only one thing or a bunch of different things that make change happen  in social media, music etc.  I think that in this class I will be able to explore and see exactly what pop culture was in the past and what it is as we progress in all areas of life. I am also looking to either change my minor to Pop Culture so I am just here to see if I will enjoy this class and if it is something that I will benefit from.

I am very excited to get to know everyone and work together in this class. I hope everyone’s first couple days of classes have been great and that you have a good semester!



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Hey! :3

Posted by shelbywatson177 on January 27, 2016

Hey everyone! I’m Shelby Watson. I am freshman here at Western and I have lived in Bowling Green my entire life. I’m very artsy and kind of a dreamer, since high school I’ve always wanted to go to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) but sometimes things don’t go as planned. So here I am!

I am undeclared and have no specific plans in mind for my major at the moment. What has never made sense to me is how someone right out of high school can know what they want to major in, but hey if you did more power to you! I’m student worker at Mass Media in the IT and Enterprise Systems Department. I enjoy drawing, singing, listening to music, writing, watching anime and playing volleyball.

I think pop culture has a great influence on our society. I hope that maybe someday I can be immersed right in the middle of it.  Whether it be by creating my own cartoon, book or movie, but at the same time I don’t want to be in the apart of it at all. Social media platforms are great, don’t get me wrong, I just miss the face to face communication that now seems almost non-existent. We are currently in the age of non-stop pop culture influence. I’d love to understand how much it affects us and the impact of past pop culture.  I taking this class is because I am undeclared and thought I would be a fun, interesting, and extremely eye opening class.

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But, why not?

Posted by casscook2015 on January 27, 2016

Hello everyone, my name is Cassie Cook and I am a Freshman. I came to Western Kentucky because when you only live 30 minutes from one of the best schools for broadcasting, where else do you choose? As I just said, I am a news broadcast major who is looking for a minor that will separate me from the pack. Yes, you can be proficient in political science or you can show off your expertise in the sales area, but why not learn about the world changing study of POP CULTURE. I hope to further this into becoming a minor, that will teach me the connection and value of having pop culture in the Broadcasting field. In today’s culture everyone’s perspective, attitude, and ideas make up the phenomenon that is Pop Culture, and as the job of a news reporter you have to stay on top of all the latest trends. This class can only help me in the field I am headed towards.

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Posted by Hannah Seaver on January 27, 2016

Hi guys! My name is Hannah Seaver. I am originally from Louisville, Kentucky. I visited several different universities during my senior year of high school, but Western caught my eye because of the focus on “global reach.” I have a passion for traveling and learning about other cultures, which matched perfectly with many of Western’s core values. Exercising, practicing my photography, journaling, painting, and editing pictures are a few of my favorite pastimes. I am currently studying exercise science, but that may change.

This class stood out to me because of the relevance it has to everyday life. Social media is a huge part of my life, and I have a love/hate relationship with it. I have always been interested in how things work, especially in society as a whole. Why do certain things take off in pop culture, and others don’t ever make it to the mainstream? Is social media a bad thing? Is social media ruining our face to face relationships? I asked these questions to myself and others before I ever knew this class existed, so for me, learning about pop culture through a different lens seemed like a good fit. To be honest, I may not have even considered taking this class if it wasn’t listed under the colonnade requirements. Another reason I took this class is because I feel it will be beneficial to essentially any major I decide on, and beyond that, my career. No matter where you go, there is a culture, and it dictates everything from the words that are spoken to the way people view problems. My hope for this class is that I will leave in May and have a better understanding of how pop culture “works,” and how technology plays a role in that.

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Lets be friends!

Posted by alissakendrick on January 27, 2016

Hello, hello!
My name is Alissa Kendrick. I’m twenty years old and have lived in the Lexington, Kentucky area my whole life. I have dreams and a plan to be big city living one day though! That all begins with my degree in Broadcasting and Pop Culture next May. I aspire to do any entertainment style TV broadcasting. Most of my days start out with watching Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Today Show and end with watching whatever live event is airing that night (Wednesday night is a debate night). I am a huge lover of all animals, but I’m a true dog person. In between the TV shows and classes, I’m scanning Instagram and liking every single dog photo I see!! Not kidding. Traveling is pretty much the greatest thing ever to me as well. I enjoy the road trip more than the actual destination I think! I always try to look on the positive side of life and just laugh off the things I can’t change. People energize me and that’s why I chose my two majors. Pop culture is everything fun and outrageous and energizing. I think the way we process information and why we do certain things is something we could study forever, but never get to cover all the bases. A new piece of pop culture is growing as I’m typing this and I love that. I was going back and forth on doing a double major with pop culture or just doing a minor of political science, but then I realized that I can take some political science classes to go towards my pop major! That’s what is amazing about this subject, our ever-growing culture isn’t defined by any set boundaries. Pop culture has an underlying influence in most every aspect of our lives. xo- Alissa

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