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Personal Project – Political Cartoonist

Posted by loganhamilton on December 7, 2015

By: Logan Hamilton

I have decided to make my own project going off of my original groups project. It is basically a parody of political cartoons meaning this is making fun of the comic part of the political campaign. Even though these candidates I have chosen to talk about are not in favor to be provincial presidents, they are being presented in my project as an example of how comic the election can be. I will be creating a website and two twitter accounts for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. They as well as I will be tweeting from it a couple times.

I believe my website I have created could be Expendable to those who take a strong liking to the subject of comical politics. Other people can see it and spread it to others and they could also come back to it when they want to see the latest news about the presidential candidates who have comic value. When something is expendable it can be spread and related to many people and that is why I have chosen to relate it to pop culture in a sense.

I remember doing a blog earlier in the semester on pro wrestling and I remember hating that topic because it was childish to create fake characters for fake wrestling but as it went on I found out that it can be an inspiration to little kids and can be very intriguing to a lot of people. I feel that this can be tied into my project. Some people may hate Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton but they may love making fun of them and knowing they have flaws that are comical as well. This is something I have created to last a long time so that the people who take an interest in this subject can come back to it for a long time and see improvement.

Here is my website:


Here are the twitter accounts:




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Group project Analysis

Posted by juliagailor on December 5, 2015

For our project, we chose to challenge typical gender roles through the means of cat-calling ,with hope that it would challenge “dating culture” and raise questions as to why society views the male as always being the one to initiate in a relationship. While also catcalling, we conducted interviews with both men and women asking their opinions on social norms in regards to dating culture.



As far as the results, they were as anticipated. Majority of women thought that men should initiate while at the same time many men feel that women are objectified based on social exceptions and norms.



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Extra credit post

Posted by traviswku on December 5, 2015

The opportunity to go to the pop culture final project presentations was a very cool experience. There I learned about many different things that affect pop culture today and even from the past with viewpoints from the 1900’s. My favorite presentation that was shown was Julisas presentation on the “mad black woman” stereotype. I didn’t just like this presentation because she is our teaching assistant. Her project opened my eyes to stereotypes we see everyday with black women that I wasn’t aware of. Not every time, but most of the time when I see a black woman I think of the loud and always angry black woman who is mean to her husband or boyfriend. Julisas report made me realize that thinking from the early 1900’s made Americas generations today think this way too. Everyone is stereotyping black women in movies, stories, cartoons, etc. you see it almost everywhere, the black woman mentality that everything is owed to her and she’s always loud and rude. But this truly isn’t the case. To address this problem we need to change the way we think about black women and tune out from shows that depict black women in this stereotyping way. Through this presentation I realized the only way we can fix this problem is to address the source and in my opinion white people and especially men made this stereotype happen. And the only way to fix it is to change what we teach young kids so this “mad black woman” mentality isn’t ingrained into them like it was with me growing up watching cartoons and stuff. It’s truly unfair and a problem that need to be fixed.

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Extra credit

Posted by breanaford on December 5, 2015

I went to the pop culture showcase for the extra credits Sam gave us. While I really couldn’t connect to the first gentlemans presentation I feel like when Jelissa gave her presentation I could most definitely connect. Her presentation was title “the angry black woman” and I honestly think she gave her presentation very well. She found ways to incorporate us as her audience by relating different shows and examples. She started off by explaining the history of black woman being in television shows which was in the 1800s minstrel shows. She referred to the women as “angry black woman” (ABW). She then went into three different characteristics of the ABW: Bittereness, the famous neck roll, and the black man being absent playing a pivotal role in reasons that the woman is angry. Afterwards, she talked all about the effects this leaves on the angry black woman. She gave plausible reasons to why they should be angry, how reality tv in today’s generation plays a big role, and the moved in to singers and actors falling victim to this stereotype. I love how in her conclusion she closed up the presentation you leaving us with a strong message “if we dot like how our race is perceived, we should do something about it” by this think she means media portrays us to be these angry, stubborn, no good woman. I think all those accusations are harsh and very wrong. Black woman are very strong and we do just as much work as your typical white, Mexican, Indian woman. All woman are created equal and being called a black “mammy” is very unnecessary.

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Group project analysis

Posted by samanthamayes780 on December 4, 2015

By: Samantha Mayes, Grace Knox, Jake Edmunds, Breana Ford, and Lydia Bowlds
Our idea with Swine was simple. What do you see every single time you get on Vine these days? There is hardly anything original on the “popular pages” nowadays. The Vine culture itself has turned into something massive that takes even the tiniest of trends or memes and turns them into something bigger. With a 6-second format, that has proven to have the ability to be morphed into all sorts of different interpretations has absolutely raised the bar. In some cases, “popular viners” just remake a similar idea over and over to promote something they are advertising. We found it even more intriguing how “popular viners” have just about all but sold out. The most popular viners are more than likely the ones that have managed to rack up their amount of followers, thus attracting companies to want them to promote their prodcuts to the couple million people viewing their Vines. 
That is what this spoof site aimed to mimic. The viners that try to be the most relatable and somehow slip in a little tidbit of promoting products. It makes these people look so corny and cheesy. So naturally, we just made some of the silliest Vines that have absolutely no point (like most “popular” Vines are) and throw in a product that needs promoting. 
This all just goes to show what we dicuss in this class which is spreadability. Businesses are going to utilize what is spreadable, and when you have access to millions of people at once by using just 6-seconds it is a pretty good deal. The link to swine is here

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*Extra Credit Post*

Posted by tamrad19 on December 4, 2015

At the meeting, Jelissa talked about this “angry black woman” stereotype that has followed African American woman for years. I related to this because I am a black woman (SURPRISE, lol) and I found it to be really interesting that we get stuck with this stereotype rather than other women.

When I hear “Angry Black Woman” I instantly thought of movies! In movies you always seen a black woman who either got left by a man and now there bitter as hell. Another example would be an upset black woman mad about how her life is going and she takes it out on everyone else. It saddens me that black woman are the only ones who are portrayed in this light. People act like since we are black, we must be struggling, we are single parents, not making good money, doing well, and more!

I even had my own encounter at work with this stereotype. The day I was scheduled for work I didn’t show up. After the next day, I came in and my managers asked if anything was wrong and I told them the situation. They said one of my co-workers I had a class with said she didn’t see me there either. Although, I was at class and tried to tell them that. They assumed I was getting mad, trying to start and argument, and was going to attack my coworker when I was completely calm. It offended me in so many ways. Like damn, just because I am a black woman doesn’t mean I got to lash out and fight someone. SHEESH!

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Posted by breanaford on December 4, 2015

My last and final blog, I must say that keeping up with things where very hard to do. I came into this class not really knowing much about anything in the pop culture world but i am leaving knowing bits and pieces of spreadable media, piracy, being a responsible circulator, and many more things of that nature. I must say my favorite part about the class was discussing current events happening in the world. Anyways, this blog is about the conclusion of this book. In the conclusion is touched base and connected everything back together from what we talked about at the beginning of the book. Before writing my artifact analysis i was thinking about which topic i wanted to wanted to clue in on because we had talked about so many good ones in class. When i got done and submitted of course i thought of something i would’ve totally nailed even more : how fans feed into social media and its famous stars. I think the book finds ways to make everyone feel involved or makes everyone at least try to feel connected. I loved the class and i wish i could have realized the blogging website and how it worked sooner. Im not a pop culture major but i wouldn’t mind taking this class over again or a different entry level to look more in to pop culture. (:

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Group Project

Posted by jamesgross8 on December 4, 2015

For our group project, tamra, Deanna, Kristen, Alesis, and I, chose to create a fake talk show called the “talk show show” in it we took a satirical and humorous looks at many subjects covered in the class through out the year. We hope you enjoy

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Posted by breanaford on December 4, 2015

For the second post of chapter 5 i would like to talk about the article “learning to be a responsible circulator” by christopher weaver and sam ford. A while ago news we all news was considerably true if we heard it from the New York Times but now a days i think social media takes a toll on it all. You see all the time on twitter famous actresses and singers screenshots floating around talking about an event that has occured and as long as you see that the name has a blue check beside it ..it is considered to be correct. Also, news travels faster than the actual news anchors. We as people see it on facebook or twitter before then wait for the news to come on to confirm it. It is like you never know who to trust because now in our society new anchors only use one credible source while the others are just witnesses. With everything that is happening in Syria and the whole ISIS new reporters whoo write the stories dramatize or de-dramatize the stories to where we citizens dont know the extent or importance or truth. People even post random thoughts about people not worrying about who it may be hurt and as a result things happen and that person starts to feel a certain way and then we feel bad for their reaction. People dont realize that this hurts their reputation. When we sign up for social media accounts or blogging sites we are “free” to say whatever we want but its not ok to make fun of random people just so others can laugh.

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10/8/15 blog

Posted by breanaford on December 4, 2015

After reading chapter 4, to summarize the chapter “what constitutes meaningful participation” it talks about audience participation. Now a days audiences are more hands on. Everyone wants their hand on something when it first comes out. Theres a difference from being a “lurker” and actually participating. When i think of this i automatically think of public relations. Public relation jobs manage reputations. They also have a hard tasks in finding different ways to keep fans or “lurkers” involved in shows, movies, plays, social media, ect. There biggest job is to make sure all of the fans are satisfied. I think this a major thing in the “pop culture world”: with out an audience what would the show be? or better yet, who would the cast members be performing for? Participants are always allowed to voice their opinions on how they feel about the show and after public relations receives their feed back they always look for ways to make things better. A big thing now that lets viewers express their opinions and words for a show is hash tagging. Hash tagging is so popular in my eyes because it lets producers see how they are doing with a show and what changes need to be made. I like to watch Bad girls club.. the air day of the week for the show is tuesdays. Usually every tueday the channel oxygen plays a marathon of the season from the beginning and while the show plays at the bottom of the screen they play viewers tweets along with cast member tweets as they are watcing it. i havent gottenlucky to see my but i still see it as a way to get their viewers and keep them involved in the show.

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