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Artifact Analysis – “Conspiracy and Berenstein Bears”

Posted by thebrendanohern on November 18, 2015

When I was a child, my mom always read me books just before bed. It was all of the typical Dr.Seuss, Franklin, and of course Berenstein Bears. The Berenstein Bears started as a series of novels by Jan and Stan Berenstain. It all started with the short story The Big Honey Hunt, and since has amassed to over 300 different stories. These books are typical in that the main characters learn from trials and tribulations experienced through out the story.

Too bad that it’s likely that everything we know isΒ false.

Yep, your life is a lie, and here is how we know.


I don’t know about you, but ever since I was little, I knew them as the BerenstEin Bears, not BerenstAin. Upon close reflection, I decided that the article I was reading about this conspiracy was wrong. I looked for all of the old books, to no avail. I called my mom at work and asked her if she remembered anything about the little fuzzy liars. She drew the same conclusion, that it was in fact Berenstein.

Naturally, in my state of complete disbelief, I did a Google search for Berenstein Bears. Here is what I got.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 5.58.20 PM

No, Google, that is not what I meant.

I looked through countless photos under images, only seeing the covers of books, all spelled (in my opinion) wrong. I quickly started to realize that it was very possible I had been wrong. All of this time I thought it was Berenstein and I was wrong. The only thing was, I was not alone in this situation. In 2012, a man only known as Reese, posted an essay of sorts, called “The Berenstain Bears: We Are Living in Our Own Parallel Universe.”, explaining his own theory on why this is happening. His explination is summed up by saying, we all live in a parallel universe.

At some point between the 1980’s and 2000 something, something happened. I personally don’t believe this was the work of a time traveller, or any sort of ripple in the universe, however, I do believe that the books were once titled Berenstein Bears.

One theory on this subject is that people who believe the E like I do, are experiencing the Mandela Effect. This is best described as ordinary people having memories that did not happen in the current reality we live in. It was named for Nelson Mandela, when many people he was in prison with, believe they saw him die while he was in prison. They firmly believe Nelson Mandela died, and nothing can change their minds. When researching this, I found a website that explores various happenings of the Mandela Effect, yes, even about the Berenstein Bears.


So what about this makes the general population tick? Why has this become such a big deal? As people, especially Americans, when we have a belief that we are sure about, we want everyone to know. When someone challenges the very thought of that idea, we get all gung-ho about it, very quick to defend ourselves.



One Response to “Artifact Analysis – “Conspiracy and Berenstein Bears””

  1. alexiswalsh said

    You just blew my mind, I thought it was Berenstein Bears as well. This post was interesting to read! Definitely not just you thinking this conspiracy…who knew something like this could be real.

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