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Sex sells

Posted by thebrendanohern on October 30, 2015

It does. It sucks. AND WHY ARE THERE SO MANY UNDERAGE GIRLS?! What kind of parent lets their child or children be exploited and sold as a sexual object? Not only does this contribute to a flawed way of thinking in their own mind, but it contributes to this flawed way of thinking in the minds of millions of little boys and girls around the world. Yes, I agree that every individual should be left to their discretion in how they express themselves, but this is just so over the top. Daniel Tosh (Tosh.o) did a skit on his tv show where they brought in parents of babies and asked them to do an interview process for their child to partake in a series of photos. They asked the parents if they were comfortable having their children mock crucified, playing around large animals (bears and the sorts), and even partial nudity. All of the parents let their kids do these things because they just want them to be famous and get all kinds of money. What kind of world do we live in, where money takes precedence over values and morals?


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Posted by thebrendanohern on October 30, 2015

I’m sure you all already got enough of these blog posts, but I’m catching up on ones I missed while I was in Frankfort, so here is my two cents about foreskin. Believe it or not, this is a topic that has come up a couple of times amongst my friends and I. Some of us are circumcised, others are not. We all took it upon ourselves to go look up the different benefits to both sides of the argument. We found the research that claims lower risk of cancer and over all cleanliness, however, those of us who are circumcised felt like they had been cheated out of a large piece of themselves, no pun intended, but it’s kind of funny. To not ever be given the choice to have a piece of their most prominent member cut off makes them feel helpless. Some of these people almost had a bit of depression because they feel incomplete. I know that sounds weird and kind of cliché but they really had a sense of helplessness and loss. They fear judgment from future sexual partners and made them feel self conscious. In short, if a GROWN MAN decides that the risks of having foreskin are too much for him, he can decide to be circumcised, other than that, it is not okay to decide for your child.

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Posted by thebrendanohern on October 30, 2015

In this class, the topic of old movies and shows being re done comes up a lot. The television and movie giants are revamping all of these old hits, but for what reason. How many times can we see Batman before we stop getting the thrill of the story? How many times can the Avengers save the universe? The truth is that no one will ever get tired of it. The production companies do not need some formulaic system to determine what will and will not work because these popular shows and movies already have worked. They all touch different generations the same way, with each new version being slightly tailored to  the current generation. By picking this “low hanging fruit”, the media companies are generating content as a sure-fire way to make money, and keep audiences coming back for more. The only problem is, when we are faced with generating brand new content, no one knows what will happen. We can try our best to make viral content but it is not likely that we will be able to make it happen. I relate it to the expression “killing two birds with one stone”… except only one stone will kill both birds so we’re going to throw all of the stones we can possibly find at these birds.

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The Video Less Seen

Posted by clint4harvey on October 29, 2015

“This is a Generic Brand Video” by Dissolve is a difficult video to explain with elaborated details. It is simply made in a humorous way with b-roll and a deep voice. Common commercial-like clips are used in a series with the narrator plainly stating the actions and scenery being presented. The generic video may or may not represent false advertising. It might be interpreted as a satire or original content.    “Winner of the 2015 Shorty Award for Best in B2B. Made entirely with stock footage from Dissolve.” I am not sure what a “B2B” but this video is a crowd pleaser. With almost 2 million views and less than 200 dislikes, I would say it’s a hit. This is something I would consider simply good. It is similar to many television commercials with beautiful clips that have absolutely nothing to do with the product they are attempting to advertise. This generic brand video would be nothing with out the commentary. At one point is says, “See this man with a beaker, that means we do research.” Within the content of the media production, it is hilarious. Written form has no amusing value, but within context of the video it creates interest. Many commercials I have witness have nothing to do with the content trying to be advertised. This video is honestly more entertaining than many media content I have viewed. This is the link, I would highly recommend watching it because it will make re-think advertisements you have seen-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YBtspm8j8M

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sexuality and advertising

Posted by wkumom15 on October 29, 2015

I find it very saddening that advertisers have to use sex to make a buck. I am more saddened that we, as consumers are more likely to buy something if sex is used as a sales tactic. Mrs. Sterk’s presentation was very interesting and eye-opening for me.

Though sexuality has evolved over the years, as far as the idea of being comfortable enough to be open about it, some things have stayed the same. I found it especially interesting to see so much female submissiveness in magazine articles and advertisements. You would think, as a modernized society, we would be passed that. The average person doesn’t notice the innate details. There are so many subliminal messages in advertisements that go unnoticed until we pay attention and read between the lines.

Sex is a natural part of life. Without sex, the human race would cease to exist. But just because it is natural, doesn’t mean it should be plastered all over billboards for all the world to see. Why can’t advertisers sell underwear based on the obvious? Underwear is a necessity, unless you choose to go commando, you have to have it. We don’t see advertisements for bottled water that feature a half naked lady.

Hardees is a corporation that incorporate sex into their advertisements more than anyone else. The ads feature a sexy, sweaty, half naked girl holding a burger that is twice as big as she is. I’m sure these commercials are aimed at the male consumer because as a female, I just think, there is no way in hell she could eat a burger that big.

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SEX sells!

Posted by tamrad19 on October 29, 2015

Whenever I read magazines, they were usually my moms! I was looking at magazines to see the newest fashions, what celebrity was in the limelight, but mainly for the clothes. Sometimes, I came across a few sexual articles such as “how to please your man”,”how to turn your man on”, or the “what type of lover are you?” quizzes. I never thought much about them articles, I was young so I never took my time reading them.

Another problem I noticed within these magazines are the really pretty women everyone wanted to be. Whether they were in bikinis or less clothing, the magazines were selling! SEX sells in this world if you haven’t realized that. In my honest opinion, I know now that the people in magazines are airbrushed and edited to be the most attractive person they are made out to be but in real life they look just like you and me.

I feel as though magazines are really fraud now, I don’t compare myself to other women in magazines because I know that what I am seeing is a complete lie! LOL if I was to go to a photo shoot and they edit my body, eliminate all my flaws, and map out my body I know ten I would look just like those women. I still read and enjoy these magazines, even if the Kardashians, Jenners, and KANYE are spread across every cover of every woman’s magazines always wanting attention and to be in the limelight!

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Sexual Etiquette

Posted by jedmunds822 on October 29, 2015

In a social media period battling with different standards made of women, I think a shining beacon is the ESPN Body Magazine. Granted these are world class athletes whose job is to perfect their bodies, however, not every one of the athletes featured are your typical models in these magazines. It is certainly frustrating to know that there are magazines and companies out there not seeing what these standards are doing to women and how easy it could be to change the face of society. It is just unfortunate that somewhere along the road media latched onto a specific look that is portrayed as beautiful and neglected that there is more to it. Media really changes the way people think and feel and I strongly believe that if things weren’t tailored to a specific type of woman it wouldn’t be a “movement” to support the beauty of women of different ethnicity, size, features, etc.

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Narrative Analysis of Sexual Etiiquette in Teenage Magazines

Posted by maxlegeay on October 29, 2015

For a teenage girl, too achieve high status a teenage girl would read Teen Vogue, Glamour, or one of those magazines, you see in the checkout lane in the grocery store. Teenage girls feels relations with the magazines articles. Whether they relate to it or use it to learn about sex, celebrity teen relationships, or just to get advice about what the new fashion trend is, these magazines defentily affect teen girls this day and age a lot with the decisions they make. Sexual Appearance of course appeals to girls because they want to look good for the guys. In the section “Woman’s Magazines as Training Grounds for Tradition” I found that teen girls are mostly interested in sexual advice. I can see how sexual education and parents are scared to tell their students/kids because they think them finding out is better than telling them the complete truth about everything. Yes, it will be completely awkaward but ultimately if parents talked more about sex with their kids and were open so many teen pregnancies. Also, going off on another topic, I think the shows on MTV referring to teen pregnancy, I think it is helpful rather than sick and terrible viewing like most people think. Having these shows allow teens to see the pros/cons of having a baby so early in their lives. This article talked moslty about how teen and sex magazines get across their message and how teen girls react. I think these magazines are good because it goes past the awkward factor of having a sex ed class or talking to your parents even though I think you should. A lot of people like an anti-social way to learn things without talking to people, if you’re wanting to have a sex education read TEEN GLAMOUR or whatever they call it. I’m sure you could come out with a PHD on how to start oral sex without being awkward or something along those lines..

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Posted by brey96 on October 29, 2015

I used to read magazines all the time as a child, mostly celebrity ones for the posters to cover my entire wall. I didn’t really think I was even allowed to read Seventeen until I was actually that age, though I did read some when I was in middle school, along with other fashion magazines. All telling me ways to make myself prettier and quizzes telling me things about myself I never even knew. Of course I remember the occasional article about boys, mostly interviewing them about their experiences with girls and whatnot. I knew the magazine didn’t target boys, of course it didn’t. I never thought about why they were in there though. It was entertaining nonetheless, I guess.

I also noticed the more “adult” magazines by the checkout counters in Walmart, reading them while I walked by and seeing SEX in big bold letters, the biggest type on the cover besides the actual title of the magazine. I know that can’t be the main headline of the magazine, though it seems it is. I still haven’t opened one of them to find out. Though it’s pretty obvious that’s what gets it to sell, or they would have lowered the font size by now. I just think it goes along with the sex sells thing we’ve been talking about for the past week or so. Even just the word can get someone interested enough to peek inside a magazine all mostly talking about makeup and food.

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Sexual Etiquette in Magazines

Posted by abbEy on October 29, 2015

In the piece “Narrative Analysis of Sexual Etiquette in Teenage Magazines” by Ana Garner addresses what is appropriate to publish when it comes to sex in magazines aimed towards teenagers, specifically females. Most magazines feature the same types of stories without pushing the limits too far. While the content has changed to more explicit topics, they stay just in the right range to make sure they don’t offend anybody. But sometimes the real answers to questions that people want to know about sex and dating are explicit and not appropriate to be published in a magazine that will be out on a stand in a grocery store. These magazines can address some of these issues but only to a certain extent. That’s where I think the internet comes in today. I think magazines like Seventeen and Glamour are still popular because they are entertaining; not necessarily because they contain practical advice. I don’t know of anyone who goes to buy a magazine when they are actually looking for sex tips. Magazines aren’t the prime source of information people seek out. Sure, they may pick up a few tips while skimming through the pages while sitting on a plane, but it wasn’t purposefully sought out. I think that when people want real answers, it is easier for them to turn to the internet. They can easily google search their specific question, find an answer that hasn’t been edited to not offend anyone. No one has to know they are reading it; it’s more discreet and more direct. I think magazines like Cosmopolitan and Seventeen should invest more time in their online articles and being more real in them because that’s what more people are going to turn to.

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