Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Value of Media Engagement (Make Up Post)

Posted by marshalldm on May 6, 2014

This chapter touched on a topic that we discussed a lot in the class. It discussed viewing or downloading something illegally. Does this help the artist/show or does it hurt it? I think that it is clear that is makes the artist, song, show, or movie more popular. As long as it’s being viewed or downloaded it, the artifact is spreading and becoming more popular. However, the producer could be losing some serious profit. At the same time, the increased popularity could gain the producer incredible profit. I think it depends on the popularity of artifact before it’s even released. A great example of this is Lady Gaga and her music. Her fans and most pop-minded people are dying to hear her newest music. Therefore, her song is already popular before it comes out and so spreading it illegally and freely doesn’t help as much. For example, before she released her song “Venus,” people were constantly tweeting about it. If people downloaded it illegally instead of buying it, she is losing money. But if there is a small, independent band whose music is being spread illegally, it could significantly help them because people will begin to talk about them.


One Response to “The Value of Media Engagement (Make Up Post)”

  1. hatim105 said

    Big pop stars don’t really lose that much money when it comes to illegal download. Like you said, the producers get hurt by this the most and chances are those are already rich people. Morally, I’m ok with stealing from old rich white capitalists until I have a reason to not to.

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