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Final paper

Posted by adriajoseph on April 30, 2014

Thinking about my final paper I find myself scared and annoyed because I want the best grade possible on it. Turning are papers in is approaching and I’m starting to wonder if it is good enough of a paper. In my paper I will be talking about two different stars that I grew up watching on very known TV shows. These stars both fell off into depressions and battled substance abuse when the checks stopped rolling in. I think that’s something many people relate to and I want to take a deeper look in how they deal with it. I will also talk about the ends and outs about being a TV star and how the media reacted to these two stars and where they are now in life. I will also be talking about the media reaction to these actors and how their fans reacted to them. The stars that I talk about are not as known but have been on many TV shows you probably watch today but never noticed the character that was being played. They are really good examples of what my paper is about .As I type my paper I feel like it’s a good topic but I’m really trying to get my readers to understand it and to narrow it down more without jeopardizing my paper. I need input if you could help me out class. I’m trying to figure out will talking about this catch attentions for 10 pages or should I go another way with it.


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Posted by 1lajarvis on April 29, 2014

Whenever transnationality comes to mind, I immediately think about the different music, fashion, and lifestyles that are visible in America but originated in other countries.
Being that I am a big fan of fashion, I’m aware of the upscale fashion designers from overseas who have made a major Impact on the American culture such as Christian Louboutin, Steve Buscemi, and Pierre Balmain just to name a few. Seeing as how so many celebrities have such an easy access to this type of fashion, it’s making those people who idolized these celebrities want to have the same thing, which then makes the demand for these products rise.
Even though stores like H&M are seen as a big thing over in America, places like Europe it’s not such a big deal to everyone being that that’s where most of the clothes are distributed.
I believe that after while everyone will eventually start dressing themselves like Europeans.
I must say that I’m a huge supporter of overseas fashion as well as what’s already presented in America.

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Final Blog Post 04/24/14

Posted by stevenhancock95 on April 25, 2014

      Transnationality is the process of going beyond our national boundaries or interests. So when I think of transnationality I think of the United Nations and NATO, organizations in which many different countries come together and support each other. Or when I hear major news of something in a different country I think of transnationality. The idea of this is pretty cool the way one nation or part of the world can also effect another. But a lot of big things in the world come from America, but also sometimes a lot of stuff comes from different countries blow up bigger like the Gangnam Style song.

      It’s really cool to think of Transnationality and when I think about it most of the time I think of fashion or media coming from East Asia and coming to us in America (mainly because I think Europe and America share a lot of common interests in films and music) but I look at East Asia and how they have created manga, Pokemon, and movies like Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, etc. All of these examples have come from this area and have made their way over to America becoming increasingly amazing hits and spurring new genres. 

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Transitional Media

Posted by jtodd12 on April 24, 2014

I found it interesting to learn about media over seas. Turns out, many things that are popular in America are also popular in foreign countries. Some of the countries are even big in the movie making business. I had no clue that Nigeria was referred to as “Nollywood.” Some celebrities in the United States are bigger in other countries than their own. One of my favorite people, Conan O’Brien, is very popular in America, but is considered somewhat of a national treasure in Finland. For his show, Conan visited Finland, and he was greeted with parades and fans going wild. I was surprised people in Finland even new who he was, but I guess I had never thought of foreign countries’ media. I am very guilty of only paying attention to things that happen in the United States. When something is considered a hit in America, it is more likely than not also considered a hit in many foreign countries. And if something did not impact society positively, then chances are it did not in the United States either.

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Final Paper

Posted by anyashah936 on April 24, 2014

At first when he said “final paper” i will admit that kind of terrifies me inside every time a professor says that. I had no idea what i was going to do my paper on and i had just started learning about pop culture so i was stuck. Then as the weeks went on i had been watching one of my guilty pleasures every week and though to myself “hey that is pop culture, i can do my paper on this!” My weekly guilty pleasure is The Real Housewives. I know its reality television and a lot of people frown upon this franchise but i enjoy it, it makes me feel better about my life in way and of corse there all rich with super nice houses and anything they could ever want so also a little worse about my life as well and as weird as that statement just sounded.

I did not think i was going to be able to really find any scholarly sources on this topic so i tweaked it a little bit. I am also very interested in gender and women studies and have taken classes on this topic and very much enjoyed them so i thought maybe i could incorporate gender and women studies into The Real Housewives topic as well. So my topic is now “the housewife” i will be comparing one of the all time classics I Love Lucy the television show with The Real Housewives franchise. I will be depicting how the housewife then and now are similar and different while bringing in gender and women studies and stereotypes of the housewife and gender and women studies portioning to my topic.

I was terrified at first and i still have a lot to do and little time to so it while incorporating LOADS of other work but i am really looking forward to my topic now. This is something i am very interested in. I was going to ask you all , if you want to answer you do not have to, this will not be in my paper, but i was just curious what you all thought a housewife should be? What her duties are if any? and what are the roles or male and female in the household? This is just something i was interested in seeing what people though on the topic.

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What are they hiding?

Posted by anyashah936 on April 24, 2014

Although i did have to leave class early i very much enjoyed this last tuesdays class with Tamara. I never thought about what i was agreeing to when clicking that button on websites and now i kind of know. I always though “oh i do not have to read this it is just pretty much straight forward stuff, common sense.” I learned on tuesday that only part of that statement i kept telling my self was true.

I defiantly do not like the fact that Facebook can sell and use my pictures because they are “now owned but them” just because i posted them on there site. No no no i most definitely did not mean to sign up for that. Some things i have learned about all these social media sites makes me want to just delete my profiles and stop using them for good because they just make me so mad, But then i again there claim is that is is “my” fault because i did not read the fine print. Well give me fine print that isn’t twenty pages and ill read it! It make me wonder if someone had something really bad happen because of Facebook…Who would win if there was truly a solid case against them…?

I was very pleasantly surprised when i heard the group who had twitter talk about how open and ok they are and how there are not that many things we have to worry about on that site. I used to dislike twitter but this has defiantly opened my eyes more. I owe twitter credit for this most definitely! I have been using twitter for a while now so it makes me feel more comfortable about the site.

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Media Is Around the World

Posted by marshalldm on April 24, 2014

We all know that the United States isn’t the only country with pop culture. However, it often times seems that way. Most Americans only focus on and know about what’s going on in the United States. I’m extremely guilty of this. I think it’s a natural thing to do. There is pop culture everywhere, though, and effects the media and what’s going on here even when we don’t realize it. The first thing that I think about, when discussing this, is fashion. Of course fashion from around the world effects us. Paris, France is one of the key and most known impacter on fashion. The “Gods of Style” often looks there to figure out what the newest trends are and what we all need to be wearing.

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Foreign Media impacts

Posted by 1lajarvis on April 24, 2014

Growing up I never really payed close attention to media from other countries that might’ve impacted our American culture. There has been many television shows when I was growing up that had some sort of connection with other countries in the world such as Power Rangers & Dragon Ball Z.

Like one of my colleagues stated in her blog, I found it interesting to know that a lot of black movies get their concepts from the African culture. I also found it cool to know that Nigeria is big for their movie productions.

America is starting to become more accepting of other media from other countries that it’s starting to become visible in the shows created here.

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Transnational Media

Posted by scottjones27 on April 24, 2014

Media is not only a huge part of the United State’s culture and entertainment but it is a huge part of the rest of the world’s entertainment as well. We have been influenced by other countries such as Japan but overall, we are the most influential source of media in the entire world. Many cultures have been influenced by western culture through media. Take China for example; China has been influenced by the western hemisphere when it comes to fashion and style. Many trends that originate here make their way to the Eastern Hemisphere through television or music. Music is another type of media that has been very influential on asian cultures. I had a Chinese teacher in high school that was very young so she was very aware of the popular music and trends that were going on in China at the time and sometimes she would show us music videos of Chinese rappers. It was quite humorous but it wasn’t at all funny to her because that is what is popular in China. It’s so interesting to see what media has done to the many different cultures over the years and I look forward to seeing how it will continue to influence them in the future.

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thinking transnationally

Posted by ayteedee on April 24, 2014

I figured most things were transnational before I read this article. Most things in American pop culture are also successful overseas. If it’s not, then it probably didn’t take off in America either. Or some American things are more popular overseas, like apparently David Hasselhoff is a huge deal in Germany. Yet he’s mildly seen as a joke here, he was in the Spongebob movie…

Anyway this chapter also made me think of one of the Thoughts on Pop presentations. Piracy is a huge issue as far as transnational media, especially on minor things that haven’t taken off yet. His example was manga. It’s popular overseas in Japan and Brazil. To get it to America, these story books are being illegally translated and the illustrations are copied and sold separate from the originals. I’d be furious about that if I were in the manga industry. Yet nowadays most things spread illegally. Music is downloaded, TV shows and movies are streamed, artwork is copied. Some things have to be spread until they are recognized as having value, only then will people respect it enough to put money towards it.

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