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My Term Paper

Posted by samanthadeering349 on May 6, 2013

Iran’s Reaction to Argo

I had initially decided to write my term paper on many movies about the Middle East that had come out in recently, but after my research I realized Iran would not only be more interesting, but there was more information about the topic. I have found many books about Iranian Culture, website articles about the exact topic I plan to write my paper on, and I attended a lecture on campus about Iran.

I plan to talk about the nation’s reaction to Argo as well as the ways the people of Iran are viewing the movie. The movie has been deemed “American Propaganda” in the country as well as surrounding countries.

Iran has also hired an infamous lawyer to help them sue Ben Affleck and his movie team. Although, they have not commented more about the subject there is still circumstantial evidence that they are still wanting to do so.

A filmmaker in Iraq also plans to make a movie about a situation similar to the movie. This film is set to come out within the next year.

Generally I would like to talk about how the country accepted American culture and their reaction to the film.

I really wanted to do this topic because I thought the movie was very interesting and I thought it would be a good topic to get a lot of research on. The movie has made a lot of headlines in the media. Firstlady, Michelle Obama, handed out the best Picture Award at the Academy Awards and this created an uproar in the country of Iran. The mvie has had a lot of public scrutiny, not as much as other movies, but it has had enough.

Many other countries were also upset at how they were represented in the movie such as: the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. Originally Canada was not supposed to get that much credit for anything, but filmmakers changed the script to make Canada, essentially, look better to the Us citizens.

I also talk about why the movies became popular and how such movies do become popular.

If you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated!


One Response to “My Term Paper”

  1. Sam Ford said

    I’m especially intrigued by your focus on actual reactions that have been published, etc., in Iran. The paper will be helpful not in providing conjecture about how Iranians might theoretically view the film but rather actual reactions from Iran. One key, I think, is to make distinctions between “who” in Iran. For instance, religious leaders and political leaders in Iran represent a much different constituency than opposition groups, and both very different places than reactions of everyday people, or filmmakers or film critics from Iran, or Iranian diaspora living outside Iran today but who obviously have a vested interest in the topic.

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