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DeepStream – Katherine, Caitlin, Reed, and Wil

Posted by katherineschaaf on October 25, 2016

Here is our project, enjoy!



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Posted by Ian Baumgardner on October 25, 2016

Do video games cause violence? This subject is brought up a lot these days. It seems a bit unfair to be honest. Other forms of media can be just as violent. For example, the evil dead franchise is one of the most violent franchises I have ever seen. Some of the things that happen include but not limited to blood pouring out and filling up entire buildings and demons visibly getting hacked apart by a chain saw.

Another media that can be incredibly violent is anime. Hellsing Ultimate is considered by many to be a gore fest. TV is another form of media that can be violent. The Walking Dead’s premiere had two people get hit in the head with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. So why is the focus so much on video games? I think it is because in video games, you can control the character. Unlike in other medias where you are just along for the ride, with games you can dictate what happens to a degree.

But do they cause violence? From the research I have read that say video games cause violence have been dismissed. There are studies about children that play video games tend to be more aggressive but I believe there is only so much truth to that. They are usually considered to have flawed logic. It seems that humanity itself is violent and that video games and other forms of media is a scapegoat. Violence has been around way longer than video games and will continue to be around. The truth is that some of us are going to be violent regardless of the circumstances.

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Deep Stream Project Taryn, Mara, and Luc

Posted by tarynmitchell95 on October 25, 2016


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Posted by mhlowhorn on October 25, 2016

Here is my group’s discussion of the video “Rigged” by Fusion. (Mara, Luc, and Taryn).


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Deepstream.tv Project

Posted by lucdigi on October 25, 2016

This is our group (Mara, Taryn, and I) contribution to the Deepstream.tv project:



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Rigged video

Posted by jessiemc11 on October 25, 2016


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East Los High

Posted by oliviajacobs1 on October 25, 2016

I think that a large underlying issue in terms of representation of women and minorities in the media is the assumption that the white male experience is universal while all other experiences are somehow deviant or niche. I had an issue in my English bi term class which ended recently where he professor would work very hard, and go out of his way during the lectures to ensure that the men in the class were finding the reading relatable when it was about or by a female or feminine themes. We read a poem called “The Perfect Dress” about women choosing what to wear and the professor spent nearly the whole class coddling the male students into seeing the value in the poem, as though it were not innate because it may not directly apply to them. I think this is a consistent mentality in the presentation of media, especially in a kind of wicked top-down minority misrepresentation.

If we expect everyone in America to feel fulfilled by media that excludes them and their life experience, however broad and relevant it is (consider the statistic that 20% of media is consumed by Latino viewers as mentioned in the article) then I think it’s about time we expect white people to, you know, be a normal, empathetic human, capable of understanding the experiences of others.

We also can’t pretend that seeing misrepresented Latinos in media doesn’t affect the perspective of the Latino community by the culture at large. It serves to reinforce a deeply flawed system of ethnocentrism.

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Posted by GingerJournals on October 25, 2016

Lets talk about George Lopez and his show that was nothing but Latino stereotypes. the show was prominent in them. I grew up in a neighborhood with a large population of hispanics. With this I learned very quickly that alot of what the TV was saying was very very wrong. From George Lopez’s treatment of his wife, always catering to her and such, to how he talked to his children. I get that he is a comedian but the stereotype still endures. Another one of my favorite Hispanic personas is Machete. He has that old western style hispanic thing DOWN. It is great and always entertaining to see him in movies. Even though he is more indian than hispanic he tends to fill alot of hispanic roles.

When it comes to stereotypes in latinos it really doesnt help that people enjoy it. Although alot of the stereotypes are bad even in latin american television it over dramatizes the stereotype and even THEY enjoy it. Now Television and movies are very different when it comes to role selection. In movies alot of times the hispanic roles are maids, mafia members, henchmen. Rarely are they the hero in the story. Now that has abit of a problem, Machete of course is the exception to this,  as it give the idea that all hispanics work those few select jobs. This is very, not true.

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Posted by drewowen44 on October 25, 2016

I had never thought of the whole media representation with Latinos and how they are they kind of I guess discriminated would be the term. Having a little Hispanic blood in me (My grandma is Hispanic) I could say this relates in some way but nothing personal. I found the statement interesting that Hispanic roles in films are criminals, maids, and gardeners and that doesn’t seem to be the right way to represent the race. Also what I get from this in way is that it would be smart if Netflix added a Latino show or something along those lines so they do not get a bad reputation for themselves in this topic because hulu has the show on there the reading talks about. The color of our skin shouldn’t matter and everyone should be treated equally no matter what color of skin they have. You decide who you want to be by your actions not your skin color. Many people don’t realize this and they need to learn how. We should all open up to equality in this country because most people aren’t. I am not very aware on our issues in this country but I do know that people are racist. It’s hard to open up peoples minds because they are set on what they think about different races. Discrimination is a huge problem in this country. Coming together as a country can solve many problems and help many issues we have. It isn’t easy but it is smart.

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no, please, anything but ethics in gaming journalism

Posted by alexmalone1729 on October 25, 2016

I’ll do ANYTHING do you hear me.

I was unfortunate enough to be on 4chan around when GG happened. I remember laughing at the “Five Guys” joke and then realizing what it was I was laughing at (for the uninitiated, rumors that someone in the middle of being doxxed slept with, well.) To this day, if you mention Zoe Quinn or Anita Sarkeesian or /pol/itical correctness or god forbid half of the word “cuckold” to me, I will give you a look and smartly run away as fast as my feet will carry me.

Most of this sociopolitical silliness is because the internet. I tend to lump the portions of reddit and 4chan and basically any other sausagefest social media site active around literally videogame drama holy christ into a big pile of sulfuric slop down a dead-end road in New Mexico somewhere, slowly corroding its way into the Earth’s crust. Okay so I may be overcompensating for the alt-right just a bit. It’s not really fair to judge a movement by the thousands of racists/sexists that hopped onto it right after it happened, right? At least in an academic sense?

I don’t know what to say to the people who worry about egalitarianism in video games, because I don’t even play video games, and as I mentioned a while ago I don’t really have anything to say that’s not “yeah let’s do all this I like it when people can weave cultural diversity into the stories your product tells in a nice and accurate way.” I play Tetris, which to my knowledge is not really characterizable as the product of systemic racial inequality. I play competitive Melee, and so do a few of the people that say shit like “LGBT guys are LGBT because they’re complete pussywhipped beta shits and they’ve just accepted they’re never going to have game” oh you think I made that up, didn’t you? but on balance they’re good people of a diverse racial makeup who actively take steps towards supporting things that help to make it a more welcoming, equitable experience. And we have more people than ever who want to maintain that state of affairs. And thank fuck there’s not so much fucking drama.

Coming back around to my main point, (to neatly sidestep certain metaphors I don’t want to reference) you don’t have to throw much Ipecac in your Coke before you wonder what the fuck happened to Coke. Except on the internet, it’s usually “hey, who watered down the Ipecac?”

Let’s never talk about this again.

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