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Oh YouTube

Posted by juliagailor on September 4, 2015

YouTube is where your curiosities go to get lost.  Have you ever just gone on YouTube to watch one specific video and then catch yourself around an hour later,  watching something completely unrelated; like on the opposite side of the spectrum entirely different then that of what you were originally watching? I remember when I was first introduced to YouTube, all these videos just here on this one website, I thought it was the coolest thing ever.  I even can remember my mom thinking how silly it was at the time.  It’s almost like YouTube kind of set the spark for the blogger/ social age for the new generation.  Now all over YouTube you can find tutorials, and video blogs about social issues, politics, along with cultural based aspects such as makeup, clothing, music, and dance.  If you’re thinking about it,  someone on YouTube has a blog of their own perception of it posted into a video.  I know that in previous classes, we have talked about the music industry in relation  to music culture and access to “free” music;  Well, YouTube in my opinion, started the artist revolution.  Today you can type in any artist, no matter how big or small they are and have videos at your fingertips. I’m sure all of you know that Justin Bieber was found on YouTube, and Without this platform, Justin Bieber would not have been discovered, and therefore wouldn’t have been as big of a success that he is today.  Not even a week ago Taylor Swift dropped her “Wildest Dreams” music video.  Today it has over 21 million views, while her “Bad Blood” video dropped May 17th, has over 500 million views. Obviously YouTube is doing something right.  Both for the artist and viewer.

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YouTube For Me

Posted by traviswku on September 4, 2015

YouTube is a very different form of entertainments. Millions of billions of people can post anything they want from gaming, to make up tips, etc. anything you could want to possibly learn how to do. YouTube will have it. At the beginning when YouTube wasn’t that prominent it was easier to get on the site and just watch the videos. Now every video you click on depending on how many views the videos have been seen, you will see a 5 second- 1 minute long advertisement videos with a link to something their trying to promote or sell. In class we talked about the beauty of YouTube and how anyone can be famous. As a singer with many other talented musician friends, YouTube is one of our vital weapons in getting our name out there. I cant possibly have all the connections without YouTube. My favorite band of all time, Journey (They sing Don’t Stop Believing and Faithfully) actually found the replacement for their lead singer Steve Perry through YouTube. Perry didn’t want to go on another worldwide tour and wanted to take a break. So the guitar player Neil Schon made the decision to move on without him… It was a sad ti9me for Journey fans, however the replacement they found through YouTube literally sounds just like the original singer. Another fun fact for you the band Boston found their replacement singer when their actual singer died through YouTube as well. YouTube has amazing power now, and will constantly continue getting bigger and bigger.

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Posted by chag270 on September 3, 2015

First off: was this article published in 2009?  I don’t see a single cited source with a date beyond that.  The article is certainly informative, but a span of six years in the realm of mass media, particularly the online sector, seems like a lifetime.

Maybe this is a generational thing, but for the life of me, I can’t think of a single person I associate with on a daily basis who would consider themselves a fan of “vlogs”.  That being said, I could watch Vsauce every single day of my life, but that’s really not the same thing.

YouTube was in its infancy when I started college; it hadn’t even been purchased yet by Google.  What myself and others got out of it at the time was a way to fill the void left by MTV’s shift towards reality-based programming.  I grew up as part of the TRL generation.  My afternoons consisted of that gloriously commercialized hour where KoRn and the Backstreet Boys could co-exist on the same cultural plane.  And obviously, this was still at the time when MTV, VH1, and MuchMusic played a significant amount of music videos.  When that carpet was dragged out from under us, and our Yo! MTV Raps and Unplugged (yeah, it’s still around, but it is NOT the same) was taken away, kids went through a weird period where there wasn’t a good way to check out music videos.  MySpace filled that niche for, like, 5 minutes, but when YouTube came along, bands finally had an outlet to distribute music videos.

And live videos!  That was a thing you’d never seen before.  And it wasn’t restricted to platinum-selling bands with a professional production crew; anyone with a camera could now capture a performance and post it for the whole world to see.  It didn’t matter if it was Fall Out Boy or your best friend’s band from down the street (this, kids, was a genre called post-hardcore, and it was a good thing). This perfectly captured the professional-vs-amateur sensibility that Burgess & Green spoke about: thanks to YouTube, national touring groups were kinda sorta on the same platform as local bands.  This, in turn, created a whole new level of exposure to bands that were previously destined to remain obscure outside of their local zip code.

So, to the kid in class today that said everyone hated Vemo: yes, it sucks, but it’s better than nothing, which is almost what we had before YouTube rolled out.

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Hire Me YouTube?

Posted by lowgen11 on September 3, 2015

Let’s begin by stating that “I Love YouTube.” I think YouTube is one of the most underrated multichannel networks on the web. Since high school I have been an avid viewer and am currently subscribed to a couple hundred YouTubers. But anytime I try to discuss Mamrie Hart’s new You Deserve a Drink or Todrick Hall’s new Disney parody such as Spell Block Tango, no one ever knows what I’m talking about. I think that for a lot of people YouTube is just a place they go to find a music video or a Vine compilation, and for others it’s about relationships with the YouTubers they watch weekly. 

I think this makes YouTube a force to be reckoned with in the corporate media realm. It has sort of defined the types of new relationships with branding and marketing that didn’t exist 10 years ago. It’s a huge reflection of the growth and expansion of media and technology in this millennial era. 

Being a YouTuber has always been a secret dream of mine. I’m taking a digital video production class and editing software class this semester in hopes of learning something that will give me the upper hand in being successful. 

Stay tuned and subscribe! 

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Youtube where the free people post…we think

Posted by kbohme92 on September 3, 2015

So, this article was to me just a statistic read of how Youtube has developed over the years. Almost 10 years of Youtube, and names, and people becoming famous. Youtube for those who have the creativity but not the means to get to the actual industry of music, cooking, acting – whichever, there is an entire realm of whatever you want to find on that site. Some, incredibly creepy, some very enlightening.

From the article, it wasmentioned that the amatuers where taking over, which is what I believed Youtube to be for- not for business advertisements, or corporation advertisements. But those pesky business trying to cash in wherever they can. They try to sell their name, which you cant blame them or but the “amateurs” are trying to sell their name too. I have witnessed some vloggers and youtube channels become famous, not just youtube famous but recognized on actual TV in public news for people who are not internet dwellers to learn about. I myself (as mentioned before) am an internet dweller. I am love Youtube, I watch a lot of Youtube for many different purposes. About 40% of my Youtube searching is for making crafts, and I mean all sorts of crafts- want to crochet? make rainbow loom bracelets? make kandi? make a costume? Theres channels for that, very professionalized tutorials in fact. Want to learn how to garden? And make is successful? Theres a channel for that. I craft. Alot, and Youtube helped alot with that instead of trying to find someone to teach me, they are just online a click away. Want a laugh? Or re-watch a clip from a TV show- Youtube has it. They even have full movies (if you know where to look) or need a clip for a presentation on the weather? Or violence in America? Youtube. Orchestra performances? They have those. The free people have a voice, and Youtube is their projector.

Youtube is a very diverse place, anyone, and I.Mean.Anyone. Can post there, creepy, pretty, educational,random, comedy,humor, music clips, video clips- anything that is Youtube legal can be posted on there. If you become popular- theres people out there who will offer money for their business to advertise on their video. Business just want to be seen and they use the users who just where either bored or wanted to try their hand at some video content as their conduit to the audiences online. Businesses are always looking for the next “Big Thing.”

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The lateness of the hour…

Posted by fetphonehome on September 3, 2015

If you will notice… I’m posting my blog in the midst of class. I know right? Ballsy. Stupid. A risk.

And while all of these things are true, it is stupid, risky, and ballsy, I’m doing this for a purpose dear reader. You see, in the world we live in today we are able to write, record, and photograph anything in an instant. To everyone’s dismay we really are almost living in 1984, but instead of Big Brother watching us it’s even worse… We are watching each other, we are under the constant scrutiny of the surveillance of our peers… Even to samford ‘s dismay right now even as I’m leading a class discussion I’m blogging… Blogging about the fact that my discussion partner has anchors on his pants while my other partner is AWOL. YouTube helped pioneer this notion that the everyday can be extraordinary-  or even so ORDINARY that it’s absurdly entertaining. I feel as though YouTube says a lot about how succeptible the modern race is to boredom, distraction, or just plain hunger for fame and power. Even this WordPress sight has made visions of being the most popular blogger in the class appear in my minds eye more than once… We literally conform to the idea of being unique and standing out… That’s why we have so many chain stores based on the idea that “I’m an XxSp€ci@l-Snowfl@kexX and the only way to fully express my uniqueness is by buying the same studded belt and neon screen print shirt as at least a billion other people.”

We as a culture are thirsty and we keep drinking and drinking the knockoff SmartWater that is the life of a college student but it seems like there’s salt in the water because we’re all still parched. Tune in next Tuesday and see  if Lincoln Logan shows up and begs forgiveness from MadMax and FeT… Will they be nice and forgive him or will they toss him out like a last season Balenciaga? Only time can tell…


Gossip Girl.

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My Opinion on Youtube

Posted by samanthamayes780 on September 3, 2015

Personally, I think Youtube and its community online is highly underrated. Yes, Youtube has some dumb videos on it about cats doing funny tricks and vloggers talking about Justin Beiber’s new haircut, but then there are users like the Fusion videos I watched where you can really learn a lot from a short clip that’s posted. I loved the video about the project they covered that’s going on in the ocean; one, because I love the ocean and think any video about life underwater is fascinating, and secondly, because I believe it had an important message about how vital it is to be conscious of your choices and how they could negatively effect the ocean. Also what I love about Youtube is that it can spread across a message to such a wide variety of people since it is the most popular video sharing website on the internet. One of the other videos I enjoyed was the video about John Oliver who states that he is not a journalist. I thought the video was not only funny because of Oliver’s comedic stature, but also really interesting and thought provoking because it explained his rise to fame as a British comedian. I’d never heard of John Oliver before the video, but I’m definitely going to search some of his shows or work up after watching the video about him. Overall, I thought that Fusion was a really interesting news channel on Youtube, and I think what they’re contributing to Youtube and the internet is much more useful and interesting than many other Youtube stars I’ve come to know.

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What up Youtube Youtube

Posted by lydbowlds on September 3, 2015

I’m just going to start off this blog post by stating that I really dislike Youtube. Unless it is to watch a music video I do not have the attention span to watch Youtube videos (which is probably why I like Vine so much, hello 6 seconds). I’m also not a big fan of people thinking they are “famous” because their Youtube channel becomes popular, they are still just ordinary people who decided to film their everyday lives but they begin to act differently in their videos the more views they get.
So while most the time I feel like Youtube is a waste of time for the viewer (If you send me a link to a funny YouTube video I probably will not watch it) I do see how beneficial and door-opening it can be for the “producer” of these videos. I used to watch a lot of makeup tutorials when I was younger and it was very cool to watch, even as I stopped keeping up with their videos as often, the makeup vloggers basically grow up with me and gain more fans and more opportunity for real jobs outside of Youtube that supported their passion. So it is rewarding to know that if you feel like you have a talent or a passion or even just think that you’re really funny, you don’t have to have any prior experience, you can just begin a Youtube channel and show the world anything you want them to see and hope that you gain a follower base.

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Posted by bperry210 on September 3, 2015

YouTube… in my opinion is something to use lightly because it is so easy to be sucked in and what was supposed to be just “looking up how to wand your hair” can turn into “charlie bit my finger” all too quick. Everything is on Youtube. There is something to be posted for your every mood and interest. To be honest, I didn’t know what the term “vlogging” was before reading the article. Vlogging is what we do on snapchat all day long and what we watch most youtube videos to see. This is where we subscribe and keep up with some users on a regular basis as they vlog away. Sometimes we can stumble upon vloggers by accident if we are originally watching one thing and it is suggested at the end, that we click to a new video channel. This is how some users luck up and gain fans and  then may even get the chance to become youtube celebrities as it talked about in the article. Through the process of keeping up with a certain Youtube channel, people form a bond with the person without even ever meeting them just because the connections we can make through the site and vlogging seem very authentic and interchangeable to the real thing. Youtube is apart of American culture now and the video contributions to it will continue to be both relevant and irrelevant in so many ways. As long as viewers are in need of a good tutorial, good laugh, or whatever else can be found on youtube, its popularity will further skyrocket in this generation.

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YouTube Reading

Posted by kierstinkirk23 on September 3, 2015

After finishing my curation project I decided to read the article in a more relaxed way. By doing that I was able to draw out some really cool points.

In the article the author says, “By contrast, more than any other form in the sample, the vlog as a genre of communication invites critique, debate and dis- cussion. like when the author is talking about how vloggers can bring up discussions and encourages audience participation.”

Most of the time people are on YouTube to look up videos not scroll down to the comments to engage in a conversation. But after watching a vlogger that has put a question into your mind and encouraged discussion, people find themselves in the middle of a coverstaion instead of closing the browser.

I just think it’s cool to think that vloggers can influence people they’ve never met to have a conversation with more people they’ve never met.

It’s also crazy how these vloggers also have the power to influence their audience in ways they probably don’t even imagine. If someone becomes “obsessed” with a certain vlogger they will dress like them, act like them and even talk like them. This may seem unrealistic but it does happen a lot. These vloggers can almost become celebrities at time.

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