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Pokemon Presentation

Posted by yveltalryder on May 5, 2016

Sorry its just a link. Also, when you watch the video in the Prezi the music wont shut off but you can ignore the audio, its not important. Enjoy!



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Artifact Makeup

Posted by yveltalryder on May 4, 2016

Please go ahead and laugh at my poor little video I’m too drained me to do any better……

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Final project analysis

Posted by yasminesadrinia on May 4, 2016

This is a more in depth-analysis of my groups project, which was a fake gossip website.

By: Yasmine Sadrinia, Gabriella Shartzer, and Taylor Shelby.

We have created a gossip website that mocks the way some publications completely over-exaggerate situations, and sometimes even blatantly make up false stories to gain readers. Our website will include fake news stories about things going on at WKU. Our goal for this website is to create a page that is funny and entertaining, but also show how it resembles real-life publications in terms of how literally ANYONE can falsify information and persuade people to believe just about anything.

In today’s media, stories about celebrities and public figures are constantly splashed all over headlines. Usually those stories are about irrelevant topics, like what they’re wearing or what they’re eating for lunch. We hope our website urges people to think twice about how much of this useless information they consume. Because at what point do people start believing it? And how far is too far to take a story? At what point does the entertainment stop, and a human being is being publicly slandered? Is it okay as long as it’s funny? These are the questions that we hoped to raise as a result of viewing our website and reading the ridiculous articles.

Not only do we wonder how its possible for anyone to believe these unauthorized and unaccredited stories, but it raises another idea: what is it that motivates the people who write them?

My group came up with the theory that maybe some of these “writers” are in fear of disappointing loved ones, or even themselves. Getting a big break in the world if writing is nearly impossible, so perhaps people think that the only way for them to get noticed is to write completely outrageous pieces and hope that it goes viral and a big time publication comes crawling at their feet. Again, that scenario is extremely unlikely.

Our group agrees that starting down the path of posting dishonest content online, in print, or any other medium is a very slippery slope. If they don’t experience consequences or backlash the first time, it is likely they’ll do it again. And again. And again.

While it may seem like lies are only created by lowly common folk like you and me, that couldn’t be further from the truth. This theme of making stuff up has spread to scientists and data researches who fake numbers and statistics to sway towards a certain bias the publication is trying to achieve.

What our group wanted everyone to take away from this was simple: don’t be gullible. Check sources. Understand the difference between FACT and OPINION. This media-driven world is ever-changing, and it is up to us as consumers and creators to make that world a more honest place. Peace, understanding, open-mindedness and all the things that make this country thrive can all be sparked through education. The internet is the best resource for education that our planet has, and when it is abused and used for the wrong reasons, we are hindering ourselves from growing as individuals and as a species.

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Fandoms Come In All Shapes and Sizes

Posted by araethom on May 4, 2016

Fandoms Come In All Shapes and Sizes

(above is the link to our powerpoint)

I think our presentation is not only a great representation of fandoms, but also spreadability.
Fans can be relaxed and enjoy their fandom in quiet or they can be a bit crazed. I would say our group represented the “crazed fan”. These fans know almost every detail of this celebrity’s life. They follow them on every social media, go to concerts (if they’re a musician), and base their life on this celebrity.
There are fandoms for almost anything in popular culture you can imagine. Television shows, movies, artists, video games, anything. It’s crazy how we are fans of so many things. You don’t realize it until someone brings it to your attention.
Fans play a huge part in spreadability. Fans follow their chosen celebrity or pop culture item on social media. They can retweet this person on Twitter. Like their picture on Instagram. View their videos on Youtube. Listen to their music on Spotify. Buy their music. Share any information they post on any site. Before the internet and social media, fans helped celebrity’s spreadability by just listening to them on the radio, buying their music in stores, watching television or going to the movies. As technology improves and grows, so does fandom and how fans interact with each other and their fandom.

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Group Project: Sports

Posted by hannahhamill23 on May 3, 2016

Group Project: Austin Beard, Michael Epperson, Hannah Hamill, Trey Robinson


For our group project, we created a website that highlights top news stories of the day/week/moment and discuss them with a lens reflecting aspects of pop culture that we have read about over the semester. We picked what we feel are the top sports in American culture: football, basketball, baseball, and soccer.

Over the semester, the subject that stuck out to us the most was pro wrestling and the idea of it being more than just the sport itself. With wrestling, there are characters, scenes planned out, and fans playing along. While the sports that we picked are not scripted, there are many parts of them that are blown up specifically for the media and fan purposes. Rivalries between athletes are always created and exploited. Once one is created, the athletes (whether they actually hate each other or not) can take it to another level.

Sports also use the big tournaments to rack up money and viewers. On our website, two of the articles up right now discuss the playoffs and the NCAA tournament. Both are times that networks gain new viewers and popularity. There are many fans who will only watch the sport during these times which is why ads, commercials, sponsors, etc. increase. For instance, during March Madness, there are several networks that show games, many apps you can download to fill out brackets/watch games, etc. Restaurants, companies, and businesses will also use these events to entice people to come watch the games there or receive a deal because of these sports events.

A lot of people only watch media that regards sports such as games or ESPN or only follow media that is regarding it and there are twitter accounts, websites, specific television channels, etc. devoted to these fans. They reach out to viewers on all forms of media and get viewers to care about the players, teams, etc.’s personal lives and not just their athletic abilities.

Our website does this as well. By telling the top news stories of the moment, we are then able to look at how it is personally affecting the athlete or the team. Where these aspects of sports are not why fans turn to games, they are part of the reasons they pay attention to it. The drama created around players, teams, and sports is due to the media and fans and are a part of pop culture that will only continue to develop.

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Recast: a criticism of white washed Hollywood

Posted by rileystivers on May 2, 2016

PC PP Group

Analyst coming soon….

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April 18th

Posted by duncanmcken on May 2, 2016

For some reason when I began Li’s “Transnational Audiences and East Asian Television” the brief craze that came with Psy’s ‘Gangam Style’, a song that became a US hit and then the artist lost immediate U.S. attention when he began to make anti American remarks at concerts came to mind… and then it was gone.

I was amazed to find out that these “transnational” fans will go to such lengths to make the content they enjoy that much more spreadable, via dubbing and editing. It’s these “amateur fan subtitling teams” that I believe will become the future, as well as continue the access and progress of media. My head was almost spinning at this point in the article, following the various ways and paths the media was being spread. This content only goes on to be spread even further through upload sites and from there perhaps more interactions with “amateur fan subtitling teams”. Another way media spreads closely to this can be seen in the popularity and spread of music. However the difference here being that the music usually isn’t transformed or dubbed over, but in a sense shapes and influences the sounds of that area. For instance one of my current favorite bands that are now becoming ever so popular is the Australian band Tame Impala. The mastermind behind the group, Kevin Parker was heavily influenced by 60’s and 70’s music and even British Invasion bands (another example within something I’m attempting to make an example of). Now with this influence, Parker and Tame Impala have reached US and European success, ironically to the music to which they draw their sound from.

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April 11th

Posted by duncanmcken on May 2, 2016

I immediately got pissed off when I read about ABBA’s songwriter grilling the Pirate Bay as a place for those too lazy and too stingy to support music and that the creators of such will refuse to create it. Obviously that statement is completely untrue as those who are successful in the industry can find plenty of other means to stay relevant as well as get paid. Also going back to the fact that a large majority of musicians play music to have fun, and possibly entertain those who share some commonplace with their music. The whole idea of making music to make money completely undermines the process. Those can argue that if an artist doesn’t create something that hits in the mainstream then an artist has released something bad. However, this flopped material still has some value to the fans who truly care about the artist. Some of the most influential and incredible music of the past can be found on albums that were deemed at the time to be unpopular. For instance, Led Zeppelin received much criticism and hatred from Rolling Stone magazine, and as well all know that band as grown to be quite more popular than that magazine.

It was very refreshing to see that The Swedish Model conveys the same point that I was trying to in the previous paragraph. The fact that this group of recording labels has banded together to create music and art as it should be created (unadulterated by money) is something that I hope to see more of in the future.

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April 13th

Posted by austinbeard1893 on May 1, 2016

Joss Whedon is an absolute king of geek culture. He is a man responsible for many things, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, The Avengers, but I think one of the coolest things he did for fandom was a web series entitled, Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog. Whats cool about this was how Whedon found away to work around the system of the Hollywood distribution model and create and share is own work to mass audiences.

This is something, that in my mind, showed the not so foreseeable future of how content is going to no longer need big studio help in order to get out into the masses. KickStater is something that has began fan funding of different projects that creators are trying to get out into the world and I think will start to be the new place for independent film and other creative projects. The thing that makes kickstarter great is that it’s project backed by fans. Fans nowadays are beginning to have the say of the type of entertainment that they want to see which I think is fantastic. A huge example of that is the big R rated superhero hit of this year Deadpool, a movie that FOX never wanted to make and the films star, Ryan Reynolds, had been trying to get FOX to greenlight it for over 11 years. After some footage leaked, the enthusiasm and backing of fans finally made the studio greenlight the film and Deadpool and has become the biggest R rated movie ever released.

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March 23rd

Posted by duncanmcken on May 1, 2016

I was a bit skeptical at first when reading Lotz’ “What Old Media can Teach new Media”, but as I drew to the point of “Nobody Knows” i felt that was extremely relative to the boom and unpredicability in meme culture. Within meme culture nothing is sacred from becoming a meme. If something goes viral, if a celebrity says something or reacts adversely, a missed punt, whatever, someone on the internet is carefully crafting and creating that idea into what possibly could be the funniest thing of the week / month / year. I felt this rang even more true in the statement about the recording and production industries of America and how about 80% of the content they create will fail. This also can be applied to the previous statements as a lot of meme content creators also face the same numbers. For instance on social media platforms such as Instagram, people will post and post and post tons of memes, most of which can be hilarious, but if never found or given credit to by a bigger name, then obviously that content will spread very shortly. I believe that a large number of the ‘big’ meme names on Instagram are only popular because they got in at the right time and have become very ritualistic in their content production. Some of these users will outright steal, tweak, or even repost very old memes, where as others will genuinely give credit to those who deserve it.

I also found it interesting to read Lotz thoughts on how much more difficult content becomes to create when your already within the confines of a successful piece of media, whether it be a spin off a or a sequel.

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