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Drillable Media

Posted by danielphillips15 on October 6, 2015

In the article by Jason Mittell, the term Drillable is used to describe media (television in this case) that creates a deeper following of fans who spend time “forensically” digging into a TV show. These fan bases are very serious about their favorite television shows and even go as far as to make sub Wiki sites that serve as a data base of information for others. Often there will be forums online to talk about the media with other super fans as well. The televsion shows Lost, 24, The Wire, and Battlestar Galactica are all used as examples of drillable tv shows in the article. I think of Game of Thrones as one of the most popular drillable shows on right now. Though many times drillable shows will have less fans than other tv shows,  the fans will spend more time watching, researching, and discussing their favorite shows. As I understand the concept of drillable media, I think of the relation to cult tv shows and movies. The Big Lebowski is considered one of the greatest cult movies and perhaps it is just as drillable. Though there isn’t much depth or forensic opportunity compared to the hours and hours you get from Lost or The Wire. Besides TV shows and movies, I think music can be drillable just as well. I think of bands like Radiohead that have been around for years but have never been mainstream. However, the fans are die hard and keep up with discussion forums and buy merchandise so that they can share between each other, which can really keep a band alive.

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Transmedia Entertainment

Posted by loganhamilton on October 6, 2015

We now live in a time where every story, image, brand, and relationship plays itself out across the maximum number of media platforms, made by decisions made in corporate boardrooms and made by decisions made in teenagers’ bedrooms. The result of transmedia entertainment has been a rise in franchise and transmedia entertainment in particular. A transmedia story represents the beginning of entertainment experiences across a range of media platforms. A story like Heroes or Lost might spread from television into comics to the web and alternate reality or video games and toys. This implies picking up new audiences as it goes and allowing the most dedicated fans to go deeper. The fans can translate their interests in the franchise into Wikipedia entries, fan fiction, videos, fan films, game mods, and a range of other practices that further extend the story world in new directions. The commercial expansion of narrative universes contribute to a new mode of storytelling, one which is based on an expansive view of information which gets put together differently by each individual. This can be processed by social networks and online knowledge communities. In order to fully understand how transmedia entertainment works, students should be expected to immerse themselves in at least one major media franchise for their college experience. We should all experience as many different instantiations of this franchise as you can and try to get an understanding of what each part contributes to it as a whole.

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Looking for a group (not a blog)

Posted by kbohme92 on October 6, 2015

Hey my name is Kirsten I sit in the back, I am looking for some group members cause I have none, leave a comment with your email and hopefully we will have a great group!

Thank you!

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Glee <3

Posted by lydbowlds on October 6, 2015

I really appreciated Glee back in its hay-day. It was different and it was funny and it just gave you a warm fuzzy feeling when you watched that group of kids succeed. I never really thought about it before but the show really did gain popularity at a rapid pace by using the traditional forms of advertisement and some non-traditional and not so legal routes as well. You could always watch an episode on TV but if you missed it you could find it online and it was always posted on Fox basically the next day. The show might not have been making as much money initially by going this route but it allowed everyone to have access to the show and more people to become “gleeks.”

It was also a very smart marketing move the way the producers of the show incorporated social media as a big component of watching the show. I’m not sure if this is true but I feel like they were one of the first shows to do this on a large scale and be successful with it. You could be interactive with the actors on Facebook and Twitter and of course everyone was uploading lip-synching videos to Youtube, singing to the songs performed on Glee. While this was a legal issue for Youtube because of “copyright infringement”, the producers of Glee enjoyed the free publicity and people would oftentimes like the songs enough to buy them on iTunes anyway. As the article states, Glee had a very positive approach when spreading and sharing content through social media and I know that is a big factor in what made the show so popular.

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Transmedia Storytelling

Posted by tamradavis19 on October 6, 2015

Transmedia story-telling is basically a way of telling a story through multiple platforms. For example withing comic books and the movies they release in theaters. The two may be completely different but they break off into individual characters within so they can share the story with the audience. Another example would be Law & Order, there are so many sister shows that have started like Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: Criminal Intent with the same characters just different storylines with the same set up. Although, I am a Law & Order: SVU fan rather than the others.

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Burger King’s A1 Halloween Whopper

Posted by tamradavis19 on October 6, 2015


LOL, first off I feel like we all need to talk about this in class one day. Burger King came out with their Halloween version of the whopper, and honestly it scares me! Everything on the sandwich is basically the same, it’s the black buns that really throw me off? All I can think is HOW? and WHY?

Although, it may seem scary to eat I’ve read that people are actually taking the risk and BUYING these whopper. I haven’t heard nothing bad about it, but I read how the burger started a popular hashtag on Twitter. They say the burger is one color going in, but another coming out! It’s way too much information but BK doesn’t even realize that they started the #GreenPoop hype.

When buyers consume it they say it turns their poop green. This may be the nastiest thing I’ve heard, but health officials say it doesn’t cause any harm to the body. As well that their are dyes associated in coloring these buns, and green so happens to be one of them! It’s approved by ADI (Acceptable Daily Intake) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration.

I feel as if Burger King has lost it’s mind. I wouldn’t want to put a black burger up close to my mouth, because the only thoughts that’s going to come to my head is “this burger looks burnt”. Also there is a chance I might have green poop for 3 days straight? I’d rather not take the risk, I’d have someone else taste test it for me.

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Transmedia | Drillable Text 9/5/15

Posted by tevanmorton on October 6, 2015

The topics of discussion this week I found very interesting because more and more both of these things are apparent in our media, more so together than separately. Transmedia is a cool concept, showing how a property can just entertain and expand across different mediums, not just for a business sense, but just that different artist in different mediums can put their own creative spin on it. It always interests me when I think of the Star Wars franchise and how massive it is. It’s appeal has spread across every medium you can think of as it continues again with the upcoming release of another Star Wars film. There is so much star wars merchandise that it makes me curious to think that some young kids that get introduced to Star Wars may actually not know that they just started off a movie. There’s cartoon shows, video games, toys, lego toys, lego video games, books, comic book, clothing, cereal, you name it Star Wars has their own version of it. The appeal of juggernaut franchises like these also keep their hardcore fan base interested in the lore and world. This is where drivable text could also be accounted for as fans go as deep as they can in a galaxy far far away.

A personal experience with drillable text and forensic fandom is when Breaking Bad was still airing on television. This show is heavily known for all their subtle clues that can have lines pinpointed and connected throughout the whole series; down to the use of similar camera angles, different characters doing similar things, episode titles meaning some kind of secret message. There was so many different things like that there is a book called “Wanna Cook?” that breaks down every episode and analyses every little detail of the show. I felt like this was the most fun I’ve enjoyed with a show because it was a gift that kept of giving. The writing was so brilliant and the characters were so dense that even when you could predict their next move they would still surprise you. I never got as involved with the online communities but after each episode, friends of mine and I would discuss what we thought would happen next and point about the subtlest of details to make us more eager to what does this mean? Breaking Bad is a great show to binge watch, but nothing could replace the time to let your mind wonder with such a great show.

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Perfect Timing

Posted by lowgen11 on October 6, 2015

Reading about the way businesses and corporations time their postings strategically to get the most coverage and spreadability out of a post brought me back to my long, boring days at my unpaid internship. 

A close friend and I both received full access to a nonprofit’s media accounts as we were in charge of writing and posting about the new events and news that would interest the community. The biggest struggle we dealt with was finding the best time to post. The majority of our subscribers were parents with regularly you red daytime jobs. Not night shifts in Mass or Steak n Shake. (I’m not ashamed that I worked at Steak n Shake) We had to post early in the morning during commutes, around lunchtime during lunch breaks, and between 3pm and 5pm when parents were heading home from work and/or picking up the kids, 

In all honesty good timeline can make or break a business’s future in social media. Gotta hit 88 mph or you’ll never make it in ‘time’… #badpun

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Hi, My Name is Lowgen11, and I’m an Addict…

Posted by lowgen11 on October 6, 2015

Ok so I know the whole “this generation is too dependent on technology/media” has been done and done and done. But I’m doing it again so suck it. 😏

But seriously, I’m sitting on my couch trying to figure out what my freebie post should be about when I decide to get on CNN to see what’s going on in the world. Which led to an article about some creep on Facebook stalking kids, which reminded me of a weird guy I graduated high school with, which led to me looking him up, which led to an “unfriending” spree, which led to a friend’s page who had shared a hilarious video, which led to about 30 minutes of related videos, which led to my iPad’s YouTube app, which led me to an ad about a new show on Hulu, which led me to my Apple TV…… Do you get the idea? 

What started out as a commitment to get some school work done, ended up a 2.5 hour media session where I began yet another binge watching party. Now I’m sitting here reminiscing about the Rottweiler saving his family from the fire, and wondering what’s going to happen on next week’s episode of The Awesomes. In less that three hours I managed to go from my computer, to my phone, to my iPad, and then to my tv without accomplishing a single thing. 

I read an article shared on Facebook (smh) last week that said humans have developed such a dependency on their smartphones that it’s been become a social norm to recognize someone without a smart phone as a lesser human being. It’s actually a mark of natural living now. Back in the day all we had to do was walk upright without dragging our knuckles, but today we have to snap, gram, and tweet or way into claiming our humanity. 

I’m not sure if this is a sign of human evolution or a warning that the end is near. But follow me on Twitter and I’ll keep you updated. #thebeginningoftheend 

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Posted by thebrendanohern on October 6, 2015

Of course they do. Every human being matters. This movement has sprung up due to the police brutality issues arising in the United States. Most commonly we hear of the white cop beating the hell out of, or murdering a black citizen. There are always two sides to the delema. One side is outraged over another death in the African American community and the other is on the side of the police officer who was defending themselves. Whatever the case is, a person dies and that sucks. People realize this, so they start a movement to raise awareness and bring an end to what they perceive as an injustice done to their people. The problem is, they’re wrong. 

“Woah?! Wrong?!” Yeah, I know. That sounds bad. What I mean is, people (of every race) are going about this movement in a hostile way. Most notably is an instance where two young African American women got on stage with a politician and demanded that he stand up for these injustices. They yelled at him and barraged him with comments, statistics, and information that was all worthless simply because they got up in arms with the man. The Westboro Baptist Church is an organization that specializes in this type of propaganda. They interrupt the funerals of soldiers to protest the wars our country is involved in. There is a time and a place for all things. In order for our messages to be effective, we must exercise our rights and express our ideas in the appropriate time and place. No one will take you seriously if you make a fool of yourself.

Take some time to consider all of the work non-corrupt police officers do. There are plenty of police officers who are out to protect people and they do a fine job. Take some time to remember those who society has lost to police brutality and think about what we can do to prevent these things from happening to our loved ones. White lives matter. Blue lives matter. Black lives matter. All lives matter. 

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